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Island Line is expected to run a reduced hourly timetable until at least 17th November, it has been announced.

A fault with 1 of just 2 trains operating on the Island Line network means that there is now just 1 train running between Ryde Pier Head and Shanklin.

This reliance on a single train – which is over 80 years old – has seen the service suspended in its entirety at least twice this week. The whole operation hangs in the balance.

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It has been advised that disruption is expected ‘until further notice’ with South Western Railway today (Saturday) saying that the disruption is now expected until the end of the day on 17th November – next Sunday.

Engineers are working to resume a normal service as soon as possible.

Trains will depart Shanklin at xx:18 past the hour and will depart Ryde Pier Head at xx:49.

For further information or onward travel advice please speak to a member of staff or use a station help point.

South Western Railway apologise for any disruption that this may cause to your journey.

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Still no word on the other two units one of which has only recently being serviced. Seems very odd that it’s not been put back into service.

Az-zahra Aziz

Lets hope the customers don’t decide to purchase a tandem between them. Lucky is raining, else they might.

Az-zahra Aziz

Maybe the railway could be sold and tarmacked over, then have it as a private toll road, for the better sort of people to use, as the main road from Ryde to Shanklin will be dire when all these new homes are built in Ryde and other areas.

Perhaps Island roads would be interested in the contract once they have finished upgrading all the Islands roads by dolloping on a foot of tarmac to hide briefly the cracked, crumbling subsoil. Still, long as it lasts till the contract ends who cares?

Joe Blogs

Well these trains are better than the floating bridge. the bridge is virtually brand new, these train are over 80 years old and generally work very well.

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