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No one could have predicted that the online gambling sector would become one of the most profitable sectors online and strong competition to any traditional gambling establishment. That said, the iGaming industry definitely benefited from the fast technological progress and new innovations which enhanced the gaming experience on the gambling platforms. In this article, we will take a look at the tech innovations which boosted the rise of the sector.

Mobile Devices

Mobile devices have become an important technological component of every business and the same applies to the iGaming sector. The developers were able to quickly adjust to the new performance and features of mobile devices and create mobile-optimized games. In other words, if you were interested in playing online casino games, you would have found an abundance of mobile casino games, apps, and sites.

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For example, almost every new casino site has become mobile-friendly and has a mobile version of the desktop site, while there is an increasing number of mobile casinos that invested in separate apps. On platforms like, which are also mobile-optimized, the users were able to learn more about the online casinos, types of gambling licenses, and what they have to offer.

Mobile devices significantly changed the landscape of online gambling. They introduced mobile gambling as a vital aspect of the gambling market and created more opportunities for users to access quality mobile casino games and apps directly from their smartphones. The same applies to forms of online gambling, including betting online. As the usage of mobile devices has skyrocketed, most gambling platforms are customized for mobile gambling, and we can safely say that it has become the norm in this industry.

Artificial Intelligence Technology

Artificial Intelligence Technology is one of the latest trends in this sector, especially its subset of Machine learning technology. Machine learning technology is able to track the behavior of the users on the platforms. The accumulated data is later used to provide a personalized gaming experience to the members. For example, if the user is playing on an online casino that is powered by machine learning technology, certain players would get recommendations about bonuses or games that are personalized to their taste.

Moreover, machine learning technology is also used for chatbots on gaming platforms. Chatbots are designed as a customer support system which uses this technology to provide quick answers to the questions of the users and also to track their questions as well as feedback. Afterwards, based on the accumulated data the establishment is able to make appropriate adjustments and improve the overall experience of the users on the platform.

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VR and AR technology

Virtual reality technology has a huge potential to make the iGaming industry even more popular due to its ability to provide a realistic gaming experience. Today there are already developers that are recreating in VR some of their more popular games, while many gambling establishments could use VR technology to virtually transport the user in a traditional casino or bingo hall, for example.

When it comes to augmented reality technology, it also has the potential to provide visual 3D elements in the reality of the user and make the gambling experience more engaging and interactive. When we talk about AR technology a popular game Pokémon Go comes to mind, but of course, its usage can definitely be applied in a similar way in the iGaming sector.


In conclusion, the iGaming sector is in a perfect position to implement different technological innovations in order to provide a comprehensive and immersive gambling experience to its users. We are yet to see how the sector will develop in the future with other technological innovations like 5G networks, for example.

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