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Islanders should call the Police if they see neighbours having a big party or gathering, as Home Secretary Priti Patel confirms she would do the same as a result of stricter coronavirus restrictions coming into force.

It is now illegal for social gatherings of more than 6 people to take place with individuals facing fines of £100 for doing so, rising to as much as £3,200.

Priti Patel has said that it’s not about dobbing in your neighbours, but about taking personal responsibility. Anyone who sees a social gathering of more than 6 people should feel able to call the Police.

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The stricter restrictions have been imposed by the Government in a bid to curb the increasing number of cases of COVID-19 across England.

However, there is a long list of exceptions to the ‘Rule of 6’. Groups can be larger than 6 people in the following circumstances:

• for work, or the provision of voluntary or charitable services
• registered childcare, education or training
• supervised activities provided for children, including wraparound care, youth groups and activities, and children’s playgroups
• providing support to a vulnerable person
• providing emergency assistance, and to avoid injury or illness or to escape risk of harm
• to continue existing arrangements where children do not live in the same household as both their parents
• fulfilling a legal obligation, such as attending court or jury service
• elite sporting competition and training
• wedding and civil partnership ceremonies and receptions – up to 30 people, in a public place
• funerals – up to 30 people. This does not include wakes, other than for religious ceremonial purposes
• other religious and belief-based life cycle ceremonies – up to 30 people, in a public place. This only covers the ceremonies, and does not include celebrations of these events
• organised sport or exercises classes or licensed outdoor physical activity. This does not include informal sport or fitness activity with family or friends – this must be limited to a group of 6
• support groups – formally organised groups to provide mutual aid, therapy or any other form of support. This includes support to victims of crime, recovering addicts, new parents, people with long-term illnesses, those facing issues relating to their sexuality or gender, and those who have suffered bereavement.
• protests – if organised in compliance with COVID-19 Secure guidance

Where a group includes someone covered by such an exception (for example, someone who is working), they are not counted as part of the gatherings limit. This means – for example – a tradesperson can go into a household of 6 without breaching the limit, if they are there for work.

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Yet HMG bribed people to ‘eat out’ by offering half priced meals, adding to risk.
IF HMG can gain, then suddenly ‘risk’ doesn’t matter so much.
I KNOW they have to look at the larger image, but parents first and foremost duty is to protect their children, so HMG and parents who do care more about health than wealth, will see things very differently.
Latest X box no use if child screwed down in a small white box.


You’re right, there has been an inconsistency in policy from the government. But the long and sort of it is that we have to play our part and follow the restrictions to reduce the spread. We can only relax when we have a proven vaccine, which I would say is about a year away for most of us.
Stay safe and show you care for others by wearing a mask. 🙂


Yet up to 30 yes 30 people can attend a grouse shoot. Are the government taking the p**s or what.

Nitty gritty .

What’s wrong with that ? It’s a great day out .


Probably is for people taking pleasure of blasting the grouse . Are you happy that you are restricted to six meaning that on Christmas Day if you have a partner and kids someone or some people within your family range will have to miss out on visiting you. Also visa versa. High majority of people that I know aren’t happy.

Mr Creosote

So the public cant gather in more than 6 now, but its ok for the elite, politicians and toffs to still mingle in partys of up to 30 for fox hunting, grouse and pheasant hunting partys which was all passed through as law yesterday (so i have heard) … Come on people when are you all going to start realizing this isnt about viruses or controlling it. These politicians are taking this piss out of us and 99% cant even see it happening?!?! In the words of Noam Chomsky ” most people dont know whats happening, and most of them… Read more »

Karn Evil 9

Stop moaning and just live with it, I will be on the lookout for gatherings of more than 6.

Mr justice

Let’s hope you can find a dentist that will take you. Good luck.


Put application in ASAP to the council to be a Covid Marshall then. The way it sounds you’d be perfect. Have a nice day.

Karn Evil 9

Already done.

Sarah Cupcake

Do as we say not as we do. Well you can do one Boris.

Ex Tory

As long as they are only breaking the law in a limited and specific way then it won’t be a problem as following Government’s lead


20 of my friends, and I, are feeling depressed due to Boris’ government’s total ineptitude in dealing effectivly with the Covid crisis, and so have formally organised a mutual support group where we can get together and drown our sorrows, whilst performing activities which help to remind us of the good old days BB (Before Boris).   according to the list above, that’s a valid exception to the ‘Rule of 6’     Priti Patel is an evil b1tch who would snitch on anyone (who isn’t in the government or one of their paymasters) to further her career or keep… Read more »


Common sense must prevail Priti Patel is right covid is very dangerous if it spreads causing widespread death different story if all these doubting Thomas,s catch it. Just get on with it and stick to the rules to save lives this is not a game. The people that have died thousands of them did not die from a headache. Face reality this virus will not go away as long as the minority people act as idiots causing untold misery for everyone trying to do the right thing. Yes l myself would report large gatherings. We have to get tough not… Read more »

Bish bosh

You really have swallowed the propaganda havnt you .


Oh dear,. Someone doesn’t have a sense of humour
My comments were just to highlight the hipocracy of the government’s policy.
But Priti Patel really is an evil b1tch


Properly take the police 3 days to get there unless there is a untaxed car on the drive


What the hell is wrong with you people???? It’s very clever to play the great ‘it’s all a conspiracy’ game or the ‘lets look at the odds’ game, but when you have all shown just how rad you are, and just how you aren’t a sheep, but a shepherd your willingness to kill your parents/grandparents is vile! Play your childish games, call those of us with genuine health issues ‘sheep or stupid’, but whatever you do, just TRY to remember that when you have finished showing us all just how brilliant you are, you are liable to end up responsible… Read more »

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