A flood warning has been issued for East Cowes, Cowes and Newport to coincide with a flood alert for the entire Isle of Wight coast tomorrow (Monday).

The Environment Agency says that Monday morning’s tide at 11:37 will be higher than normal due to Storm Ciara, which increases tide table values by 0.58m. The total forecast tide is 5.03 metres Chart Datum (2.44 mAOD) at Cowes.

For 1 hour either side of high water, the tide could come close to affecting a small number of properties at Medina Road, the Arcade, and Cowes High Street near to the Red Jet terminal. Road flooding is expected along the Esplanade, The Parade, Albany Road, York Avenue, Castle Street, Well Road in East Cowes and at The Quay, Newport.

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Elsewhere on the Island… flooding of seafront roads, esplanades and car parks around the coast is expected, including the ferry terminal at Yarmouth.

Monday night’s tide at 00:09 on Tuesday will be much lower, but very minor impact flooding may still occur.

Those who have flood protection are being advised to install it 1 hour before high tide. Locals should move cars from seafront car parks too.

Sandbags are stocked and ready for collection at:
  • Well Road – East Cowes
  • St Mary’s Road car park – Cowes
  • Simeon Street rec – Ryde
Additional sandbags will be placed at River Road car park in Yarmouth later today.

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Az-zahra Aziz
Az-zahra Aziz
1 year ago

If only we had listened to Pig Tales, and turned our heating down, walked to work, sat in a gloom, sat half frozen in Wales for our hols, whilst those ‘giving’ this advice live in huge bright mansions, all fully heated, with pools, saunas, hot tubs, driving massive cars, living it up on Jet skis, power boats, and jetting off every few months to their ‘other homes. in some, far flung corner of the globe, then perhaps none of this would be necessary.

Myself I don’t believe any warming has anything to do with humans, but even IF it did, then why should the masses with little cut down to ‘save the planet’ when the wealthy never ever will. So imo, best to continue living as we do, and more, then, IF the world goes down, it will do so for all.

Selfish yes, naïve sucker, no.

Holly Merrit
Holly Merrit
Reply to  Az-zahra Aziz
1 year ago

You say what so many people truly believe and the haters are the only ones who click thumbs down because those who agree just chuckle in their heads, also I believe 100% if you were showing a female name and also an English name the racist bas**rds who click thumbs down would click thumbs up

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