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For the first time in its 121-year history, Shanklin & Sandown Golf Club has elected a woman President.

The club announced Debbie Berry’s appointment at its AGM on 16th October, continuing the emerging trend of women taking office in clubs around the country.

Debbie, an active member of the Ladies’ Section for over 20 years, was unanimously backed for the position, having served 3 years as Handicap Secretary and Hampshire Delegate, 2 years as Match Captain and standing as Ladies’ Captain (2018-19), during which time she ran a very successful initiative to encourage more women and girls to take up golf.

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Debbie, who has also represented the ladies in many inter-club competitions said:

“It is a great honour to be chosen as the first woman President in our Club’s 121-year history and I have been overwhelmed by the positive support that I have received from members following my appointment.  During the next three years, my aim is to continue to uphold the office of President and continue to move the club forward in the same professional manner as my predecessors”.

Her appointment confirmed the status of women at the Club and broke with a tradition of male Presidents that began with The Right Honorary Lord Alverstone in 1900.

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6 months ago

It’s all so naff, from those naff trolleys to the naff clothes, no thanks

Reply to  Oakwise
6 months ago

Oakwise, perhaps a womens touch is what is needed then if you are unhappy with the way it now is.

New curtains, furnishings and dollies and cosy toilet roll knitted covers. No more cup rings on tables, and perhaps she will even run a hoover around the place a little more often, and the odd squirt of polish at special events too.

Enjoy the up and coming changes it may be for the better and less swearing too what is NOT to like?

May have to take off your muddy shoes perhaps but small price to pay


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