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Firefighters are tackling another fire at the derelict Harcourt Sands site in Ryde this evening (Wednesday). 

Local residents alerted the fire service to smoke billowing into the sky at around 17:10.

Crews from Ryde are on scene and are dowsing the flames.

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Smoke is choking the surrounding area.

It was just yesterday that 2 appliances were mobilised to the former holiday camp when a chalet was set alight. An appliance from Sandown was required to standby at Ryde to provide fire cover for the rest of the town.

Locals believe that youths are responsible for the incidents and are waiting for workmen to leave the site before gaining access.

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Perry Hill

Perhaps they should put up a sign saying   ‘Fires are dangerous, you might end up hurting yourself’.   That is about as ‘firm’ as adults will ‘ever’ get, and the children know it. Hence no fear of doing the same thing as no punishment even ‘if’ caught.   Sad when the low life children are cleverer than the adults now in this P.C, ‘ always give them the benefit of the doubt’ even if holding the ‘smoking match’ as we ‘jus found it dint we’ weak, liberal soft world we now have to endure.   A fire chief might… Read more »


How about, Do something with the site! Develop it. Then there’s nothing to burn and we’re not wasting resources on it. Just dont build posh houses for absentees.

roe sprack

to say this is young local youths is one thing
of course it wont be the workmen burning of their waste instead of taking it to the tip and paying for it,s disposal
just a thought

Joe g

Well obviously not if it’s after working hrs it clearly states in the report it’s kids breaking in as soon as the workforce leave site!! And that’s a fact not a thought!


About time someone sold the land to build a shopping plaza they would make a fortune, surely it’s been derelict long enough now. The only way these youths will learn is if they get badly burned and disfigured for life. I suppose all they get is a smack on the wrist.


As i said yesterday several options have been put forward over the years but locals always say no.if you keep saying no to everything this will keep happening.

Gary gareths

Locals storming the fort like vigilantes

Opinions Matter

They should hide some Go Pro cameras around the place, catch the little buggers who think Arson is funny,!


Either they should sell it or maintain it, too many property developers holding onto derelict land and shops on Island. Make the owners responsible, and charge them for the cost of fire engine/police call outs. They may then do something. Too much red tape and bureaucracy is killing this country off, along with the back handed payments we all know go on.

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