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Hampshire and Isle of Wight community welfare charity The Blue Lamp Trust recently celebrated the work of its Bobby Scheme with a ‘Meet the Chiefs’ event, where attendees heard that 14,000 people have been helped by the scheme since 1997.

Providing practical help, advice and reassurance as well as free home and security support for the vulnerable, elderly and victims of crime, the Bobby Scheme is vital for the region and making residents feel safe.

The Blue Lamp Trust was set up by the Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service and the Police to promote safety in the community. Chief Constable Olivia Pinkney and Chief Fire Officer Neil Odin spoke at the Hilton Ageas event which was attended by sponsors and partners from across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

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Olivia Pinkney said:

“Unfortunately, despite living in a very safe part of the country, things do still happen and people become vulnerable and worried.  The Blue Lamp Trust does so many things but if I focus on the Bobby Scheme and Hampshire Making Safe Scheme (a partner of the Trust), its service of providing some really practical solutions that can help rebuild peoples’ confidence, is vital”.

Kirsty Jenkins from Hampshire Making Safe Scheme, shared with the attendees an experience of a mother of 4 and domestic violence victim facing Christmas in a refuge, which they were able to help with the Bobby Scheme. The scheme provided a panic alarm at home, spy hole for her front door, window alarms, and personal alarms for her and her children.

Kirsty said:

 “We’re making a real difference to peoples’ lives. That victim said ‘I now feel safe where I am’, and that’s thanks to The Bobby Scheme and The Blue Lamp Trust.”

All profit from a range of driver training programmes offered by The Blue Lamp Trust and sponsor support is reinvested into running the Bobby Scheme to enable the scheme to be a free service.

To learn more about The Blue Lamp Trust’s Bobby Scheme or driver training, contact 0300 777 0157 or visit:

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