eve in blackThis Saturday, 1st November, sees Eve Ferret taking the time to break from her busy London schedule to perform her highly acclaimed and unique style of cabaret at Ventnor Arts Club. 

Her ‘Fabaret’ is a life enhancing mix of her own original songs and a completely unexpected choice of material that has audiences giving her standing ovations for her ebullience, wit and energy in a show full of chaos and nostalgia. On previous visits to Ventnor Arts Club she had audiences in tears of laughter, melancholy and from the utter chaos of emotions as her show frequently took off on tangential trains of conversation.

Eve is gorgeous, warm hearted, talented and hilariously funny in what might have been called an ‘alternative’ way during her first round of fame as part of the new romantic scene at the infamous Blitz. As an actress Eve has performed in David Bowie’s Jazzin for Blue Jean video and in Absolute Beginners, Foreign Body and Gene Wilder’s Haunted Honeymoon, as well as on television. In her latest ‘Fabaret’ incarnation, she sings like a lark, she larks for England and her wit is as incisive as Sweeney Todd’s razor.

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Eve has long been a part of the London cultural scene, from singing at the infamous Blitz Club to hosting the 2014 Alternative Miss World. Accompanying Eve is the outstanding guitar virtuoso Roddy Matthews.

Tickets are on sale now via www.ventnorartsclub.com

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