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Emergency services have attended an out-of-hand party involving dozens of teenagers in Wellow tonight (Friday).

A disturbance is understood to have occurred resulting in multiple Police units, a Co-Responder from the Isle of Wight Fire & Rescue Service, an Ambulance Officer and Ambulance crews all being mobilised to the scene in the quiet village near Shalfleet.

Island Echo is told that at least 2 teenagers have been arrested and that 1 teen is in hospital with small cuts to the head.

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Southern Vectis tweeted earlier to say the incident was blocking the carriageway and as a result Route 7 buses were being diverted.

Owing to police activity blocking the road in Wellow route 7, 23:10 Newbridge to Totland has been delayed and is operating 30 minutes late. Unfortunately, this is a situation beyond our control.

Earlier in the evening the Isle of Wight Ambulance Service were called to a cardiac arrest in nearby Thorley.

UPDATE SATURDAY @ 11:05 – 4 teenagers have been arrested and another hospitalised following last night’s incident. Read more at

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I bet there’s a few headache’s today. What it must be like to be young again

Old bean

Too many shandy’s poor wellow


I think it all kicked of when dolly went missing.



John Alexander Beavis

Bloody disgusting. Who thought this was a good idea and the fallout, seen, heard and witnessed was an abomination. Utterly shameful.


I wonder if the music playing was Derek Sandys ‘welcome to the isle of wight’?

Hazel Hall

I know these things happen, and probably not intentional drunkenness, but there is still litter in the village in the hedge, along the road, plus vomit! I suggest Mattingley farm come out with some black sacks and clear up our village and put it back as it was. Quiet and unassuming!

John Hall

I live in Wellow and witnessed this after collecting my wife from dinner with friends.Firstly there was a lot,lot more than a couple of dozen teenaged,as we tried to get through to our house fights were breaking out amongst the many drunken teenaged,which police broke up,there was broken glass everywhere,and still is.Wellow is normally a quiet village with no trouble,but couldn’t believe what I witnessed last night.What a complete waste of taxpayers money,with 2 Ambulances,many police vehicles and paramedics on the scene.Surely the bill for this should be handed to the people responsible for all this chaos.

John Alexander Beavis

Completely agree.
We also live in the Village and bore witness to this abhorrent behaviour.
While “We were all young once” this is despicable display is on an entirely new, and unacceptable, level that should not be tolerated.
Those to blame should be held to account and make good the damage done.


This was meant to be a small party that unfortunately got ambushed by gatecrashers. I feel desperately sorry for the host as this is every parents worst nightmare and something none of us would have expected. All this blame and finger pointing is so unnecessary, and unsupportive and ridiculous. I applaud the police and emergency services who acted swiftly and bought the situation to a safe end. Big support to the family who are in no way to blame.

Az-zahra Aziz

The ONLY good thing about this, is that all these well to do, types, who NORMALLY ‘buy’ their way away from the low life trash the ‘rest’ of us have to endure, have had a ‘taste’ of it and are whinging. These same people are oft the ones who are all for low end immigration, not ‘caring’ about the crime, anti social behaviour such brings, normally SAFE in the knowledge it won’t be ‘anywhere’ near them or their loves ones, and will never impact upon such. Get used to it, for in the future the world’s low life filling our… Read more »

Tom Hirst

How long did this take for you to write?


Was a full moon last night and Friday the 13th was never going to end well

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