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Motorists in the South East will be feeling the pinch as they fill up their car, as they can now expect to pay as much as £76 for a tank of fuel.

According to Confused.com’s Fuel Price Index, the price of diesel in the region is now 132.5p/l. In comparison, petrol drivers can be expected to pay £74 on average to fill up a medium sized tank, as the price per litre reaches 129.4p.

It’s a similar picture across the UK, as the gap between petrol and diesel drops to 3p, compared to a whopping 9.5p cost gap 8 months ago (Feb 2019). The average price of diesel in the UK is now 131.4p/l, while petrol costs 128.6p/l.

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Despite rising prices, the Isle of Wight is still one of the cheapest places in the country for fuel when filling up at supermarkets. Both Morrisons and Asda were this week selling petrol at 123.7p/l, with Asda listed as selling diesel at 126.5p/l.

There is good news for motorists today… it has been revealed that Asda, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons and Tesco have slashed up to 3p a litre off their price of petrol, sparking a fresh price war.

Simon Williams, spokesperson for RAC, has said:

“This is a very welcome but long overdue cut.

“Drivers have been paying more than they should have for weeks due to savings in the wholesale price of petrol which retailers have failed to pass on until today.”

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Amanda Stretton, motoring editor at Confused.com, says:

“Fuel is fundamentally confusing. This month we’re already scratching our heads about changes to the new pump labels. Now the price gap between petrol and diesel is closing across the UK raising questions about efficiency.

“The common view is that diesel is the more expensive fuel out of petrol and diesel. This might be true on the face of it, but diesel can be far more efficient if you often drive long journeys or use the motorway. And with diesel now costing only 3.1p more than petrol in the South East, people might benefit from even more bang for their buck.

“It’s confusing to know whether or not you would be better off with a diesel. Our flowchart asks a series of simple questions based on your driving style to help you realise whether or not you could make savings.

“Fuel efficiency is one of the many costs we have to factor into our travel budgets. People need to tighten their belts and make savings on fuel and car insurance wherever they can. That’s why we’re offering drivers £20 free Texaco fuel vouchers when they buy car insurance at Confused.com.”


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Don't tell him pike.
Don't tell him pike.

Considering the increase in bio fuel being mixed in and more ethanol into petrol .the prices should lowered considerably .but it won’t.

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