Island Referrals, the Island’s only specialist referral hospital, is celebrating its 1st year of scanning the Island’s pets this month in collaboration with Burgess Diagnostics and their state-of-the-art MRI scanner.

The Burgess Diagnostic’s visiting MRI scanner is hosted at Island Referrals once a month, offering comprehensive magnetic resonance imaging services to pets in need.

The Burgess team of veterinary-trained radiographers and imaging specialists have a wealth of experience and expertise in all aspects of MRI. They deliver a friendly, high-quality, advanced imaging service, supported by their logistics team of dedicated and highly experienced medical HGV drivers.

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RCVS-recognised Specialist Surgeon, and head of Island Referrals, Ian Nicholson, said:

“MRI scan images show incredible detail about the internal workings of an animals’ body and any problems, particularly of the brain and spinal cord.”

“We have been using the mobile scanner here for a year now and have helped a number of Island-based pets to reach a timely diagnosis for their condition.

“In turn, by accessing Specialist neurology insight into the treatment options available we have been able to intervene as quickly and effectively as possible where needed, including some cases proceeding to the operating theatre straight from the MRI scanner for spinal surgery.”

This marks a significant advancement in the field of veterinary diagnostics and is available to all Island veterinary practices. Now, fewer pets and owners will need to undergo the stress, time and financial costs of crossing the Solent to visit the mainland.

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This partnership is a testament to the dedication of both organisations to elevate the standard of veterinary care on the Island.

To access the service, pet owners just need to ask their vet to refer them to Island Referrals at

The next MRI visit will be Monday 16th October.

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