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Early morning commuters travelling to and from the Isle of Wight can expect a level of disruption tomorrow morning (Monday) as a result of a reduced timetable on Red Funnel’s hi-speed Red Jet service.

This weekend has seen a number of sailings cancelled as a result of a technical issue with one of the Red Jets serving the West Cowes to Southampton route.

Now, cross-Solent operator Red Funnel has warned that the 08:15 and 09:15 sailings from Southampton and the 08:45 and 09:45 sailings from West Cowes tomorrow morning (16th September) have already been cancelled.

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It is unknown at this stage if any further sailings will be pulled throughout Monday.

Red Funnel apologise for any inconvenience to your journey.

UPDATE MONDAY – The 18:15 and 19:15 sailings from Southampton have been cancelled alongside the 18:45 and 19:45 sailings from West Cowes.

UPDATE @ 17:30 – A Red Funnel spokesperson has said:

“We will be running a revised high-speed service this evening. The revised timetable comes a consequence of having to remove Red Jet 7 from service due to mechanical issues with the engine exhaust system. Red Jet 4 is currently out of service for annual maintenance.

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Red Jet 6 will provide the sailings across the Solent this evening with a running duration of approximately 30 minutes.

“Checking the service status on our website ( is the best way for our customers to keep up to date on our expected departure and arrival times, and we will continue to update on the progress of the repairs.

“We also encourage our customers to consider using our vehicle passenger ferry service between Southampton and East Cowes.

“Our technical team is working hard to fit the replacement parts and hopes to have Red Jet 7 back in service by tomorrow.

“We are very sorry for the disruption caused by this unexpected situation and for the inconvenience this has caused for customers travelling with us today. Our teams on the ground are working hard to get everyone where they need to be.”

At this time the revised sailing timetable for the Red Jet service this evening is:

Departing from SOUTHAMPTON at: 17:45, 19:15, 20:45, 22:00, and 23:00.
Departing from WEST COWES at: 18:30, 20:15, 21:15, 22:30 and 23:30.


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It’s time all the ferry’s got it together ever week at least one has a so called technical issue if they can’t provide a proper service let someone else do it its not like you can use your own transport what’s the point in them making big ports if they can’t even run a regular service that not good or responsible priced

none given

This is what happens when the HR departments and other virtue signallers, decide on having diversity as the key component of the employment strategy. Instead of simply hiring the best, they are trying to look good to the outside world and employ mediocre talent, because the candidates ticked the protected characteristic box rather than the experience box. Mediocre talent – equals a mediocre business You see it all the time now, someone suitably qualified not given the job because they want to look diverse. Social engineering is another failed socialist policy. Any bridge would be closed because a snowflake said… Read more »


So this is beacuse of Diversity is it ?
I just hope they don’t employ you !


Wow, listen to you. As someone who “ticks a number of boxes” on an equality questionnaire, I am going to earn a living whether or not you like it, you self entitled prig of a man.

none given

Get a grip deafmanager — this is aimed at the clearly obvious decisions that we see across the country whereby idiots seem to think that employing someone to tick a box that makes their company have someone from every category going, instead of focusing simply on the best person for the job is the way forward. this is why the quality of service across our country is dropping. You employ the best and the best only out of the pool of candidates that apply – if that means the entire team is white women and all without any disabilities, then… Read more »

Gender neutral

Deafmanager …you have made an assumption about the gender of none given in your post

Not very 21st century is it ….u dinosaur

Old bean

In the real world things do break down not nice but things do

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