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The etiquette rules differ from casino to casino. However, here is a list of things to remember the next time you visit a gambling hall.

Do’s and Don’ts – How (Not) to Behave at a Casino

Casinos, like any other establishment, have certain rules for the acceptable behaviour of the players. From casino to casino, you will be introduced to a variety of rules, but here are some general rules of comportment that apply in all land-based casinos.

Entering the Scene

It goes without saying, but we will say it – customers should always be polite and amicable. That is a vital part of casino etiquette. As in any other place, rudeness is not accepted nor tolerated. This means that you must be polite to other fellow players and the staff. The staff is there to help you and provide accommodation, hence being polite to them won’t hurt. Once you enter the casino, you will first seek an appropriate table for you. It is okay to walk around and simply ‘browse’, but there are some rules for joining a table.

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Once you have spotted a table that piqued your interest, approach it and politely ask if you can join. The reason why this is important is that sometimes you will arrive mid-game, which can upset other players or distract the croupier. If you ask, you will either get a polite invite or be carefully asked to wait until the round is over.

This is specifically important for Blackjack – as there are 6 to 8 decks for shuffle, it is a matter of superstition to join the game in the middle as you might interrupt someone’s winning streak. It is probably best you try to avoid this.

Once you find a table and order a drink, stay there. If you leave the table abruptly, the waitresses will clear out your drink. That would be a pity If you wanted to continue drinking it. Get up and leave the table only if you are 100% certain you do not wish to stay there anymore.

Table Etiquette

Now, you joined a table and you are waiting for the game to start. Before we continue, it is good to know that there are general table rules and individual table rules. That means that each casino game has its own set of customs for players. Let’s start with general rules.

The first thing you must remember is not to use your phone at the table. Not only it is impolite, but it is often strictly prohibited. Mobile phones have been used in the past for cheating, hence casinos around the world have banned them altogether. You are not allowed to place it on the table, so keep it in your pocket. If it starts ringing, you are allowed to step away from the table and take the call – no one will make a fuss because they do not want distractions and you do not want other people eavesdropping on your conversation.

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Another thing that annoys other players is hesitating. It is perfectly acceptable to take your time while placing bets but taking too much time irritates fellow players.

Talking about someone’s strategy is also frowned upon. It is not okay to discuss how someone plays or what moves should he take.

Now for each game individually. Roulette, Blackjack, Craps, and Poker each have a distinct set of acceptable behaviours.

When you join a Roulette table, the first thing you should do is ask for Roulette chips. While placing bets, try to arrange them in a neat pile, and if you cannot reach the number, you may ask the dealer for assistance. Once you finish playing, cash out the chips.

If Craps is your cup of tea, remember that it is a fast-paced game. Calculate beforehand the amount you wish to play with, and place bets in time. It is okay if the dice touch the wall when you throw them but pay attention to other players. Be careful not to touch the box while others are throwing the dice because if it turns out to be a bad throw, you might be found guilty.

Blackjack requires minimum interaction among the players, so instead use hand gestures. Less talk, more play is the general rule when it comes to this game. Poker is the same – no talking while playing. The most important rule here to remember is not to touch the cards. Especially if they are face-up.

If these land-based casino rules are too much for you, you can always try out the popular live casinos – such as – and specifically those catering to English players. They provide the same thrill, but you do not need to leave your house or to pay attention to all the rules – especially when it comes to the dressing code for instance.

End of the Adventure

Once you decide that it is enough playtime for you, you can leave the table. However, this part can also get a bit complicated as players sometimes get confused about tipping the dealers. Rules for tipping vary from country to country, so we will give you a quick explanation where it is okay to tip and where it is not.

Tipping is generally not customary in most casinos.

Although it is now allowed in the UK, you are not expected to do that. The same goes for the rest of Europe – technically you can do it, but you do not have to. In Monaco, you must pay for an entrance fee, so tipping is not customary. Australia and New Zealand are a bit more restricted – in Australia tipsare prohibited as it is considered bribery.

You can tip the dealer if you are playing in Macau, the Caribbean, or the USA. They accept tipping but don’t go overboard – 10% is enough.


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