Festival of the Sea PressThe Isle of Wight is planning to ride the crest of a wave as it celebrates its maritime history, heritage and holiday appeal during a lively, nine-day “Festival of the Sea” across the whole of the Island – lasting from Saturday, September 14th to Sunday, September 22nd.

Aimed at giving the out-of-season visitor more things to see and do during a September stay on the Isle of Wight, it is also expected to attract additional day visitors, as well as family groups during two especially action-packed ‘shoulder’ weekends.

The Festival was announced on July  9th and the full programme of events – due to be revealed early next month – will include everything from sea shanties, beach art displays, fishing, cookery displays and food-tastings, through to opportunities to charter boats, sailing lessons, kite festivals, talks…and even organised cycle rides that end-up with fish’n’chips on the beach!

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Another “first” for The Isle of Wight, The Festival of the Sea is now expected to become an annual event capable of washing-up an extra 40,000 visitors to the Island.  For the time being, however, ambitions are being set to a more realistic figure of around 10,000 additional “crew members” for the inaugural Festival.

The Isle of Wight’s Festival of the Sea will be anchored by headline events such as The Sea Shanty at the Spyglass Inn Ventnor, a Beach Arts Festival in Fishbourne, the Red Funnel Food Show in Cowes, and a new competitive Fishing Festival.

All other events and promotional activities on the same theme are then being brought under the Festival banner to ensure that this and all future years will include a lively mix of events to draw in the crowds.

The Festival of the Sea is the first of several new themed weeks and festivals being rolled-out by Visit Isle of Wight in the coming months to attract more visitors to the Island during other out-of-season periods – including an “Isle of Fright” campaign around Halloween and Bonfire Night, and an “ILOVEWight Festival” around Valentines Day.

Most recently, the Isle of Wight has also launched its “Walking with Dinosaurs” experience.  The new, augmented reality App celebrates the popular UK holiday destination’s remarkable prehistoric heritage, which caused it to be named “Dinosaur Capital of Britain” earlier this year, as well as its links to Walking with Dinosaurs: The 3D Movie – which is set for global release in December.

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The new App is based on the ancestral links between the characters in the film and the dinosaurs on the Isle of Wight.  And it gives visitors to the Island the chance to be seen standing alongside dinosaurs in the very place they were discovered.  Further details about “Dinosaur Island” are at

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