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All Year 8 students at The Bay CE Secondary School have been told to stay home tomorrow (Friday) due to a confirmed case of COVID-19 within the year group.

The school has announced tonight – at the eleventh hour – that there has been a single confirmed case of COVID-19 within the Year 8 cohort.

Staff will be working with Public Health England tomorrow morning to ascertain which children need to self-isolate. Whilst this is being undertaken, all Year 8 students are being told to remain at home tomorrow.

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All other year groups need to attend school as usual.

The school will be in touch with parents as soon as they can once Public Health England has given their advice.

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Martin Hill

Dear Parents/Carers

I need to inform you that there has been a single confirmed case of Covid-19 within our Year 8 cohort. We will work with Public Health England tomorrow morning to ascertain which children need to self-isolate. Whilst we are undertaking this piece of work I would like to advise all Year 8 students to remain at home tomorrow. We will be in touch with you as soon as we can once Public Health England have given us their advice. The school will remain open to Years 7,9,10 and 11.

Mrs Westcott-Hayes

Sent at 10.36pm Thursday night

Martin Hill

And so it begins…


I bet none of the students do stay home. I presume that this is the Sandown area.!!!

Martin Hill

Mine will be.

Steven Willet

Problem being, ONLY those who will abide by the rules will post such, the majority who won’t will not post to say so, or waste their time on a bb such as this, so don’t be fooled into thinking opinions on here are the norm or the majority.


school is obviously in Sandown but not confirmed/known if student is from Sandown. Let’s hope that anyone else with symptoms isolate properly even though it’s half term!

deborah short

bet they still go shopping

Bob Frapples

It means don’t go to school not don’t leave the house ,but you probably knew that


No self isolate means stay at home, it doesn’t mean you can go out and do as you want. Although from what I have seen people round here aren’t taking the pandemic seriously enough.

Lady Dunstanding

Quite right, Suzie! Sandown folk are well known for leaving the house. In Niton we sit in a cardboard box full of straw, like the Blue Peter tortoise, from Trafalgar Day till the Queen’s birthday. A great comfort for me to know that I am safe. I feel sorry for you with all those infectious young folk, though. I wish they’d follow the example of our great leaders. Oh, hang on, they probably are….

Opinions Matter

The parents MUST make sure their children stay isolated at home if they are told to do so, not wandering the streets and parks!!!!!!


Exactly what I was trying to say.


My daughter is yr 9 at the bay and she’s not going in to school regardless of what the school say all other years must attend as normal . No thank you too close for comfort . She will also. Stay home with me just in case , thing is we don’t know if it’s child or teacher ??? Children stay in bubbles on site but the teachers DONT !


I honestly don’t blame you. I would be doing the same if I had kids at a school or anywhere with an outbreak.


Why not the whole school , dont year 8 mix with other years in playground corridors canteen ect


No they don’t. All year groups have their own areas to use.

Lady Dunstanding

Sounds like a lovely school; ‘Ghetto Academy’. Yes, yes, I know they all do it… You are all moaning because the kiddies will be fine. Wash your hands more, people, and grow a backbone. Regards.


Madness so if year 8 has brother or sister in another year they still go in could be they share same bedroom.
poor parents I feel for them must be very scared of this spreading.


I think in that case common sense should come in to play?


And they said children dont get covid we must stick by the rules no one is immune to this deadly disease and all you non believers out there wake up…………………

Karn Evil 9

Whole country should of closed the pubs etc, when the schools re-opened, just like the government said they would do, but no.

Lady Dunstanding

I don’t think those children off school are allowed in pubs, Karen.

What a load of Bubbles!

‘Bubbles’ they say, what a joke! All years go on the bus don’t they? So all years have mixed! Mixed with mum & dad mixed with younger and older brother’s and sisters which may go to college, primary ,pre-school and of course mum and dad having to go to work, go shopping etc. They can stick their so called ‘Bubbles’. “You can’t have more than 6 family members come in your house” they say, I’d rather have people I know come round our house than sit in a room munching on food and using cups etc. that’s been round a… Read more »


I have a child at The Bay and myself work at a primary school, where social distancing is impossible. Scared , doesn’t come close. Hands, face, space! Work from home, 2m distance from your colleagues, wear a mask he says (Boris). Lambs to the slaughter comes to mind

What a load of Bubbles!

I just don’t get it, I have received a letter today from the Bay C OF E Secondary school, telling us that children have to wear face masks in play ground, crowded areas and on the bus (in which they’re supposed to anyway I thought?) but they don’t because I’ve seen them get on the bus with face masks then take them off when they have sat down, utter rubbish. Also they can wear one now in the lesson, what’s that going to do? Not save them from getting it, but maybe save the ones that can’t be bothered! My… Read more »


I always though the concept of keeping children in bubbles sounded impractical and a single infected student causing the whole of year 8 to be kept off school confirms that.
It does seem to suggest that there is an assumption that students only ever come into contact with their own year group both in and out if school which sounds a little unlikely to me. (They definitely seem to mix on the bus)

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