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Firefighters have freed a woman who became stuck in a child’s swing at a play park in Sandown this evening (Friday).

1 appliance from Sandown was mobilised to the Steven Jenkins Rainbow Park off Fort Street after reports were received of a person requiring assistance.

The retained crew arrived on scene to find an adult female stuck in child’s swing.

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Although attempts were made to release the woman with minimal damage to children’s swing, unfortunately a power saw had to be used to free the individual.

The swing and chains have now been removed from the park to prevent any further injuries.

The woman’s actions will now have a financial impact on those responsible for the upkeep of the playground.

UPDATE SATURDAY – Town Mayor Gary Young has today said:

“It is disappointing to see the Junior Swings closed off to children and families, as a result of inconsiderate and thoughtless behaviours, and we are doing all we can to repair the damage and make the swings available for children as soon as possible”.

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Deputy Mayor Paul Brading adds:

“We spent last weekend, and during the week, repairing damage to fences and making the area as COVID-19 safe as we can do, and it is really frustrating that the anti-social actions of a few deprive children and families of fun and healthy activities”.

The Town Council are contacting the emergency services, and their insurers, and will be taking appropriate action to replace the swings, as well as take further actions to make the whole area as family-friendly as possible.

Cllr Young concluded:

“The Town has invested significant resources into the playground and skatepark, and the ongoing costs of repairs diverts our limited resources from other areas of the Town that we would like to invest in”.

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fred black

sorry but for the silly idea of trying a childs swing without thing .think she needs to cop the bill for the repair of the swing and the cost of the call out for the crew who freed her


Maybe the lady might like to pay for the damage she caused??

West Wighter

Must have been right lard ass!


What a dumb statement – and shame on you people for giving this idiot a thumbs up

Lady Longdown Dunne-Standing

Firstly, unless you are in an American kinomatograph picture from the 1950s, the abusive term ‘dumb’, is highly offensive to most deaf people, or those with speech difficulties. Secondly : I bet you are the proper life and soul of any party, sir. Swings involved, or not.


Oh dear someone is offended..


The truth hurts some people!!!

Bob monk

Shut up !!!!

Candy Pink

West Wighter, well, I must say, that is what I thought too. I have enjoyed many a good swing on one of those kids swings in playgrounds and never once got stuck.
Someone would have to be very large to get stuck in one I think, unless of course she got herself tangled up in the chains for some reason.

William Dunnet

Obviously she has no respect for the community, or the children that use the park, the emergency services that had to rescue her or her self decency. Hope the quick laugh she got for doing without thinking was worth it! Disgusting behaviour.

Fed up

Theres enough adult equipment down there , why do they have to ruin the children’s.
Send them the bill .


Possibly just trying to have a swing next to her kids or similar – there certainly doesn’t seem to be any malice – just a bit of embarrassment for her 🙂

No name

Absolutely disgraceful, hope shes made to pay not only gir the damage, also the waste of valuable resources, also the park isn’t even open yet think it was due to reopen today so she should also be charged with trespassing

Opinions Matter

Ooooops! How embarrassing. Perhaps she should pay to replace the swing they had to cut her out of. No wait, that will come out of the Council Tax purse from the people of Sandown probably.

Betty S

Another idiot wasting valuable people’s time! And putting them at risk.


She needs to pay for the damage and grow up

Island resident

If she had any decency she would pay for the swing.
Only fair considering she broke it when it doesn’t take an ounce of intelligence to know you more than likely will get stuck in a childrens swing.

Candy Pink

Depends on the size of the person and the size of the swing. Most playgrounds have swings that most adults can easily sit in without getting stuck.


Another Sandown Swinger convinced she’s a couple of dress sizes than she really is??!!

Martin Shoebridge

NAme and shame… no doubt it will have been posted on social media or even tik tok . Very apt for tik tok I’d say PMSL.


Swing low sweet chariot sorry can’t do that one anymore.


She should be made to pay for that.

Rin Tin Tin Tin

Lip Up Fatty


Perhaps she may be interested to know that Weight Watchers will be starting again soon in Shanklin

Christine Jacobs

Which bit did she not understand “Childs”swing.send bill to her


This lady would have had no idea that she wouldn’t be able to get out. I myself happily have a little go on a child’s swing now and then – I’m light and slim and there’s no risk of anything. Normally one thinks ‘If it went in it should be able to come out’ – but mysteriously, (I don’t do physics), that’s not always the case. No reason to presume this person was at fault – we don’t all lead life perfectly, even if some on here seem to! (By their rate of criticising others).

David ford

Why is the council sending the Fire Brigade the bill have they forgot that help pay the running costs. Send her the bill

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