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35-year-old Matthew Newton has been banned from driving for 6 months after crashing his car and fleeing the scene of the incident on the outskirts of Ryde back in November.

As previously reported by Island Echo, Police were called to Carters Road on 29th November when a BMW – registration MC07 YTB – was found in a ditch having crashed into a telegraph pole.

Newton, of nearby Ashey Road, appeared before the Isle of Wight Magistrates Court last week charged with failing to stop after a road accident and failing to report an accident. He pleaded guilty to both charges.

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Magistrates handed Matthew Newton a 6-month driving ban, a 12-month community order and directed him to pay £85 in court costs with a £90 surcharge.

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Yoshikage Kira

A BMW driver? With his hazards on?
No, that has to be photoshopped surely?

Gail Carter

Thats my son thanks glad its gone that car was jinxed

Island Fool

“car was jinxed”
Yes, its horrid when a car makes you drive badly.

Yoshikage Kira

Was the car possessed like Christine?
It didn’t suck his soul out and possess him or nothing??


why flee the scene ? Surely you would report it

Joseph Bloggs

Drink driving maybe

Island Fool

Possible, this is the most common way to avoid it. Do a runner, police catch up with you the next day, you’re now under the limit. The other scam on the same lines if you have no insurance or on a ban. Do a runner then report the next morning that car was stolen. Not a lot the police can do about it, they can’t prove that you were guilty of a greater crime..


Seems to be a lot of jinked cars on Wight. Glad no one was hurt but whatever the ‘problem’ is it need sorting out, before someone has their life ruined, or taken away.

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