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Thomas (9), Kalysta (16), Alysa (40), Cameron (17) and Lucy (11)

17-year-old Cameron Shirley remains in intensive care more than 6 weeks after being assaulted in Fishbourne near Ryde. Now his family are campaigning to raise awareness of the impact fighting can have…

As previously reported by Island Echo, Police cordoned off a section of the car park at The Fishbourne Inn on 13th December last year. A 17-year-old boy – now known to be Cameron – was airlifted to Southampton General Hospital with what Police described as a serious head injury. It’s understood that Cameron sustained several blows to the head as a result of a fight between him and another teenager.

Following life-saving operations and 24 hour intensive care, Cameron’s family have revealed the extent of his injuries. The much-loved teen is currently unable to communicate, unable to move and is fed through a tube. He is expected to remain in hospital for up to 18 months.

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Although Cameron’s family are hopeful of a successful recovery they are fully aware that he could be bed bound for the rest of his life.

Cameron is suffering from extremely aggressive Sympathetic Storms at the moment. These ‘storms’, which are part of the brain’s recovery, last up to 3 hours at a time and cause him an extreme amount of pain. His heart races in excess of 190bpm and causes his body to shake. It is hoped that these storms will reduce soon to allow the rehabilitation to begin.

Alysha Shirley, mother of Cameron and his 3 siblings, has said:

“Seeing my son in so much pain and unable to help him is one of the worst pains any parent will ever endure.

“Cameron was told he would be kept alive for 48 hours following his surgery. His outlook was bleak. Over the next 6 weeks Cameron managed to beat 3 chest infections, fight autonomic storms, opened his eyes, squeezed my hand, looked at me and came off life support.

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“A boy who was given 48 hours to live, sits and looks at me. He can’t get speak, move his limbs for reason, but he lives, he fights, he makes me proud every day.

“We need to do what’s best to make sure no other parents falls fowl to this… that no other child suffers these injuries”.

A Facebook page called ‘Cam’s Army’ has been created to raise awareness of the devastating impact fighting can have on the victim and their family. It is hoped that an educational video can be created to be shown in schools across the Island. You can follow updates on Cameron’s progress and learn more about Cam’s Army at

A GoFundMe page has also been established to help raise money to support Alysa and her family during this traumatic time. So far over £3,500 has been raised with a target of £10,000. You can donate too at

An 18-year-old teenager from Cowes was arrested on suspicion of causing grievous bodily harm last month, but he was released without charge. He does however remain under investigation by Hampshire Constabulary.


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