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A 19-year-old man has sustained a ‘puncture wound’ to his leg and a teenage girl has been assaulted following an outbreak of disorder on Ryde Esplanade last night (Tuesday).

Police were called to the scene of the incident at Western Gardens on the seafront at 19:39.

During the incident, a teenage girl was assaulted and a 19-year-old man suffered a stab wound to his knee. The injury is not life-threatening.

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The duo were both taken to St Mary’s Hospital by the Police following a wait for an ambulance.

A number of people were stopped in and around Ryde Town yesterday evening as officers hunted for the suspect.

Hampshire Constabulary have confirmed that a 43-year-old man from Ryde has been arrested on suspicion of causing grievous bodily harm with intent and remains in custody at this time.

Anyone with information about this incident is asked to contact Police on 101, quoting 44200408340.

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One time we could go about our daily business without fear, those days have gone now, when we start our day we never know what’s round the corner…


Stay in then and carry on complaining on here like you do every day lol

Old bean

What is this beautiful island coming too getting more like mainland


The island is not exempt from crime and never has been! When I lived on the island 60;s70’s 80’s there were murders and car crime along with fights and muggings so its not right that people living in a different world make out that its all about mainlanders etc. Crime happens everywhere and you watch it sky rocket due to the covid debt !

Old bean

No it’s not exempt never have been but crime is getting worse so if you you read my statement again I would say I will wait for apology but you can tell your ignorant so won’t expect ine


Sorry Old Bean I deal in facts and sense which clearly you dont! The whole world is a different place now and it will get worse and sadly so many people like yourself are stuck in the past! as for being ignorant please just read back to yourself what you have written and I am sure you will understand that the personn being ignorant is the person that doesnt accept the world in which we are all currently living in!!! and yes im now based in Essex and I have great memories of the island and I still visit but… Read more »


How is wanting a lower crime rate being ‘stuck in the past’? What a complete pillock.

Bing Bong

Again with the “covid debt” nonsense

Bing Bong

Which I should add that I can still afford to buy nice things, why should I care about people in debt?


Bing are you on your bong

Sarah Cupcake

No doubt the usual idiot will be on blaming this on mainlanders and houses not yet built. Just face it the island produces its fair share of idiots with no assistance from the mainland.

Old bean

Ha ha love that your so right

Me me

The truth is we need more police, cut backs have made it like this and it has always been around yes 60s 70 80s etc but more people more crime I’m afraid that’s the way it is so we need more police out on patrol now simples


More bobbies on the beat, not sat outside maccers in cars. You need a police presents on the streets not driving alone back roads out Havenstreet. The police have forgotten how to police properly?‍♂️‍♂️

Ed Down

I’d love a present please officer


Always a collection of drunks around Esplanade area. The question is how do you keep them away, most are long term alcoholics who unfortunately either don’t want help or there is not enough help for them.


Soon they will be tagged as per recent news


It is getting serious here. We are the target of a trio of young people who throw heavy objects against the living room window, we live on the 1st floor. It has been going on for weeks, with periods when they don’t come. we live in a residence for people over 55 years old. They live in the neighborhood, that’s for sure. The manager notified the police and an agent came to our house. He promised to walk around and fix a camera outside, near the window. They are 3 pre-adolescent boys. And we are insulted, because of course, we… Read more »


Were the three of them riding small off road motorbikes by any chance? They ride all over the Pig Leg Lane area in Ryde at high speed, swearing at local drivers.


No, i think that they are younger, they get around by bicycle or on foot. We live near Binstead Hill, on the corner there is a playground in front of our building.

Steven Willet

These will be days to hark back to when inner city overspill fills all the new building at Ryde, as our council will receive payment to take on others problem and overspill tenants. As many of such are from all corners of the globe, then expect the type and amount of crime which does not just ‘coincidently’ follow them everywhere they choose to live.

Wait and ‘see’ who is right. But to late is too late.


An outbreak of disorder? Better self isolate

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