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Men AwayThe Isle of Wight Marlins Pier2Pier Swim Challenge saw 124 swimmers from across the Island and the mainland complete the swim across Sandown Bay on Saturday (30th July).

Most of the entrants registered for the 2020 swim, which was prevented from happening due to the COVID pandemic. The event was also cancelled in 2021 as a result of adverse weather.

In the most glorious sunshine and warm 19-degree sea, the swimmers took a range of times from 34:44 to 57:04 to swim the 2km course from Sandonw to Shanklin.

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The swimmers safety was looked after by a flotilla of craft, led by the Sandown & Shanklin Independent and the Ryde Inshore Rescue lifeboats, supported by 6 members of the Shanklin Deep Sea Fishermen in their own craft plus 16 private kayakers.

There to refresh the swimmers at the finish were the staff of the Shanklin Rowing Club who supplied the swimmers with hot soup and bread rolls, plus the use of their facilities. The first aid throughout was managed by the Ryde Beach Lifeguards, but thankfully not called upon, as everyone was well and happy.

At the presentation of prizes Councillor Chris Quirk, Shanklin Town Council Mayor, presented the winners with a trophy and a framed illustration of the whole event by Island Artist Maria Ward.

The winners were:

  • Fastest Man; Alistair Bingham from Wycombe District in 34:44
  • Fastest Lady: Katie Shepherd from Trinity SC in 37:36
  • Fastest Island Man: Rob Johnson from ‘Smiles of Wight’ in36:03
  • Fastest Island Lady: Millie Williams from IOW Tri in 39:10
  • Fastest Breaststroker: Vince Fanning, Independent in 43.04
  • Generation Trophy: Big Fish, Little Fish, Independent in 01:16:43
  • Fastest lady under 21yr: Millie Williams fom IOW Tri in 39:10
  • Fastest Lady 30-39yrs: Katie Shepherd from Trinity SC in 37:36
  • Fastest Lady 40-49yrs: Michelle Laverick from Hart SC in 37:42
  • Fastest Lady 50-64yrs: Bridget Bewick from Bracknell Masters SC in 39:16
  • Fastest ‘Supervet’ Lady: Hellen Needham from South London Masters in 50:31
  • Wetsuit Overall Lady: Sarah King from Portsmouth Triathletes in 40.41
  • Fastest Man 21-29yrs: Alistair Bingham from Wycombe Distric in 34:44
  • Fastest Man 30-39yrs: Josh Ryall, Independent in 39:29
  • Fastest Man 40-49yrs: Rob Johnson from ‘Smiles of Wight’ in 36.03
  • Fastest Man 50-64yrs: Cive Benson, Independent in 37:27
  • Fastest ‘Supervet’ Male: Stephen Baker from Spencer Swim Team in 41.45
  • Wetsuit Ovewrall Male; Piotr Meller from South Sea Swim Run in 40:16
  • Fastest Team of 4:  ‘Ducks & Swans’, Independent in 02:33:26
  •  Most Senior Finisher: Jenny Ball from IOW Marlins in 57:04

A Gallery of photographs of the whole event, taken by Mandy Meadows, is available at

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Bob Cooper Chair and Safety Officer for the IOW Marlins SC said:

“It has been a hard 3 years for the club with these cancellations but today’s event has made the wait worth it.

“To see the 124 swimmers and their supporters all enjoying the best the Isle of Wight can offer is incredible”.

“A very big thank you from me to my team of Marlins members and their families and friends who have worked so hard behind the scenes, and the support of all the mariners, plus the IOW Council Parking Team in making this event an iconic fixture in the sea/openwater swimming calendar”.

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Qwerty King
Qwerty King
7 days ago

Worth the Wiat? What’s a wiat??

Qwerty King
Qwerty King
Reply to  Qwerty King
7 days ago

ha ha ha. I see you changed it.

Try spell checker next time.

Adele Stannard
Adele Stannard
Reply to  Qwerty King
7 days ago

And where’s Sandonw?

Ex Islander
Ex Islander
7 days ago

Never knew the isle of wight had a best.


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