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We all dream of winning the lottery, and going on to retire and escape our routine jobs and subsequent financial pressures. For most individuals, this is just but a dream.

The popularity of the lottery will always surge, notably due to the life-changing vast sums of cash that stand to be won. Ideally, playing it is quite simple, only needing little strategy and a lucky ticket to win big.

Typically, lotteries are not a new thing and courtesy of online gambling growth together with lottery betting now available from numerous major bookmakers, interested players have multiple options to choose from.

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What’s more, they are no longer limited by geographical challenges and can pick from a diverse assortment of lottery games from different nations around the globe.

Nonetheless, even with the multiple options, some lotteries stand out for many users. In particular, the Irish and UK Lotto are arguably the most preferred options, although the former slightly pips the UK Lotto when it comes to player preference. So, why is this so?

Irish Lotto vs. UK Lotto: what are they?

Irish Lotto:

This is Ireland’s national lottery and one that appeals to players from all over Europe. It is among the most prominent lotteries within Europe, a reputation it has upheld for years now.

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UK National Lottery

On the other hand, the UK National Lottery is the top lottery in the UK. The National Lottery organizes it in the UK, an organization that is also allied to the broader trans-European lottery, Euro millions.

Reasons Why the Irish Lottery is better than the UK Lottery

  1. The Lucky Aspect: The odds of winning the Irish lottery are in your favor

Typically, in comparison to the UK Lottery, you are more likely to win the Irish Lottery. What this means is that the Irish Lotto has better odds than the UK Lotto hence its popularity. How? Essentially you have an encouraging 1 in 10.7 million winning chance of winning the Irish jackpot.

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It gets even better considering that the odds of landing five numbers as well as the bonus ball are approximately a tenth of your winning odds. While this can seem like a rather astronomical figure, it is, however, worth pinpointing that the odds of winning a lottery only get lower with other lotteries.

As such, the Irish Lottery has typically favorable odds. Besides this, you are already aware that the biggest jackpots also boast the largest odds, while the lotteries with relatively smaller odds offer smaller prizes.

For many, though, the sweet spot is usually in the center, hence the reason why Irish Lottery regarded better than the otherwise higher ranking, bigger UK Lottery.

  1. More Practical: Irish Lottery jackpots are more sensible

Compared to other major jackpots, including the UK Lottery, the Irish jackpots are somewhat more minuscule. Nonetheless, the good thing is that this ensures that it would be slightly less hectic for you to cope with and deal with hitting the Irish Lottery.

Often, most lottery winners wind up losing all the cash winning in just a few months since they initially assumed a large chunk of money would be impossible to spend appropriately.

If you win the Irish lottery though (the largest jackpot generated is €18.9 million) in comparison to the UK Lottery (with the highest jackpot at £66,100,000). It is likely you might be more realistic and subsequently spend your winnings more responsibly, without wasting a single coin

  1. Ease of Play: The Irish Lottery is easier to play

Finally, one of the factors that render the Irish Lottery much better than the UK Lottery is that the former is significantly more comfortable. Usually, virtually all major lotteries would need for you to choose an extra number in a relatively smaller, different pool of numbers to win the jackpot.

However, with the Irish Lottery, you need only to choose six main numbers generally between 1 and 47. Isn’t this much better?

Ideally, if you are really looking forward to purchasing a home and vehicle as well as offsetting all your outstanding loans with lottery prize money, you must play with a distinct lottery that will subsequently allow you to smash the jackpot. While many of the major jackpots will do this for you, they, however, will not make it any easy for you.

Despite the UK Lottery having decent odds of winning, the Irish Lottery is much better balanced and more likely to guarantee that you win compared to the former. This, together with the few mentioned reasons, renders the Irish Lottery Jackpot better than the UK Lottery.


Ultimately, winning the lottery is all about going the extra mile. However, to significantly boost your odds of winning, you need a lottery that makes it easier for you. Although both are among the most popular options available, the popularity of the Irish lottery indicates it is a better option compared to the UK Lottery.

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