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A number of staff members at MHI Vestas on the Isle of Wight have been dismissed and others demoted following an investigation into bullying at the Stag Lane factory.

A Whatsapp group involving several members of staff has led to an investigation being launched by the Newport-based firm.

‘Inappropriate comments’ have resulted in 3 people being sacked, 1 demotion and 3 final warnings, Island Echo is told.

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The company has taken the incident seriously and has implemented disciplinary actions.

A spokesperson for MHI Vestas has told Island Echo:

“MHI Vestas had been made aware of inappropriate comments being made by some employees on a social media channel.

“We carried out a full investigation and disciplinary process, resulting in a number of disciplinary actions.

“MHI Vestas has established Creeds and a Code of Conduct where we expect a standard of behaviour from our employees. Where this is breached we will act to correct the situation. We have training and policies in place but will review these to ensure that they are fully effective in preventing this sort of situation in the future.”

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Old bean

Bullies are vile scum that need a good hiding properly has bad past


Maybe squeaky clean boys from good homes. Bullying isn’t exclusively a poor boy’s privilege.


Sounds like the current BULLYING TORY GOVERNMENT

Wasp Star

Don’t you mean Bullingdon?


Just because you’ve been bullied lol


You think it funny if someone has been bullied?


Good for them.
Workplace bullies have no place in today’s society.


Well done MHI Vestas. I heartily approve.

Vinny Phillips

I certainly don’t condone bullying, but if the WhatsApp group wasn’t set up by management of vestas, I can see an appeal going in


But if was? What then. Total culture change? I think not.

Concerned of Wootton

Name and shame. Make it difficult for these bullies to find alternative employment. Much more of a deterrent to others too.


I have worked at a few companies on the Island and Bullying seems to be allowed, well done Vestas for putting a Stop to it.

Jean val

Think that statement is bullying right there! MHI don’t mention the word bullying.

Jean val

People are quick to jump when they read a half hearted article! Bullying has no place in any situation and what some of these comments read constitutes bullying!


Bullies are basically cowards. Well done HMI Vestas

Me me

Well done vestas

Ally Reed

Fantastic news. It’s the only way to deter that kind of behaviour.


Well done MHI Vestas, your a credit too all your employees and your reputation as a successful company, it’s good to know your employees can work in a safe environment without fear.

The former SP Systems but now under a different name that i won’t mention, had no idea how to deal with bullying, or discrimination in any way, shape or form…

Well Done


Well done Vestas. And hopefully a stark message to those who carry out such practice on social media. Times have changed. Now a lot of nasty stuff is carried out online – people forget this is traceable and can be actioned/dealt with. I have seen disciplinary action carried out in the workplace for similar. Only write online what you would be willing to say ‘face to face’ and expect disciplinary action if such behaviour is bullying, harassment, untruth etc etc!!


Before to many people in thier glass house start throwing stones..when private banter albeit not exactly the hieght of PC on a personnel forum is classed bulling because some very sensitive or artful person decides to stir things up..well guys and gals check your messages..the people dismissed arent allowed to comment but this was not bullying…i’m no anarchist but censorship like this started like this before…before ww2….now i better start deleting some stuff before the snowflake patrol start knocking on my door.


the correct way to approach social media is

“would i be willing to write my message on paper and put it on a notice board”… when you answer that question, you then know whether you should be posting something digitally in a whatsapp group.

it is not a private message – if you post it where others can see it, then it is public.


You can’t say or do nothing nowadays without someone complaining about it!!!!
This world has wrapped everyone in cotton wool and we are all to blame following the rules dictated to us by the hierarchy.
Bring back national service


How else root out bullying at as early a stage as possible? It’s a slippery slope. Only those who haven’t bothered to examine their own attitudes think they should be able to say what they like.


In a previous life as a trade union official I had dealings with vestas and found bullying to be rife within the company,however this was the old site,so whether the management and culture is the same I don’t know.
I know they were very anti union obviously,so I would urge all workers to join a union,(the company do not need to know),then when you have enough numbers go for union recognition.


Good advice.

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