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deborahmorrisA 5-hour inquest has today (Thursday) heard the harrowing details of how Deborah Anne Morris was unlawfully killed in her own home after her husband, the late Rory Morris, stabbed her 16 times, including a stab wound to the heart.

Coroner for the Isle of Wight, Caroline Sumeray,  ruled that Deborah Morris was unlawfully killed at 79 St John’s Road, Ryde as the court was told how Rory Morris, her husband for over 30 years, carried out a frenzied attack on Mrs Morris as she laid asleep in their marital bed on the morning of Friday 25th May 2012.

Picking up a Bayonet-type knife kept at the bedside, he used the handle to hit Deborah, known as Debbie, around the head, awakening her from her sleep.

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rydemurder2Having been invited over to stay because Rory Morris felt he was being ‘set up’ with some serious allegations, Ricky Morris, Rory’s brother, was awoken downstairs when he heard the cries of “No Rory, No” before hearing a thud. Heading up the stairs without his glasses, Ricky discovered Debbie on the floor beside the couple’s double bed. Thinking that his brother had punched Debbie to the floor, Ricky attempted to call for an ambulance before Rory attacked Debbie again.

Without his glasses, Ricky was unable to see detail. It wasn’t until ambulance control operators asked him to check for a pulse that Ricky Morris discovered that his sister-in-law had in fact been stabbed multiple times.

rydemurderPolice officers were on the scene within minutes and having inspected the shocking situation, they detained and arrested Rory Morris on suspicion of murder before he was taken to Newport Police Station for questioning. Mr Morris admitted guilt, greeting officers at the front door of the semi-detached property by saying “I’ve done the Mrs”.

While being interviewed later that day, Rory said he had attacked his wife because he had heard an air pistol go off to his right (with his wife to his left) and thinking he was ‘going to get it’, he decided that ‘she would too’.

Paramedics attended the scene and pronounced life extinct at 01:49hrs following extensive CPR attempts by both the paramedics and Police officers.

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rydemurder1The inquest heard how back in 1992, Deborah was assaulted by her husband when she was hit around the back of the head with a heavy object which lead to hospitalisation both for Debbie and Rory, when Rory voluntarily admitted himself to a mental health unit after suffering a psychotic breakdown. Debbie dropped all charges relating to the incident.

In the weeks leading up to the killing over a year ago, Mr Morris strongly believed he was being followed and that he kept seeing a Silver 4×4 vehicle stalking him while he worked as a groundworker. As the evidence was given in the court today, it was concluded that Mr Morris may have suffered another mental breakdown leading to him killing his wife, a former Tesco employee.

Approximately 6 weeks after being remanded to HMP Winchester, having been charged with murder, Mr Morris committed suicide after swallowing a shelled boiled egg. He has previously self-harmed following the assault in 1992, cutting his arms and neck.

In a statement released by the family today…

“The whole family are devastated by the tragic loss of our mum and dad, Debbie and Rory. We have always been a very close and loving family, and we are still struggling to come to terms with our loss. Both of our parents were a loving couple, which in turn makes it harder for us to understand what has happened. They were both wonderful parents and are sadly missed.”

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