Mike Quinn, Doncasters CEO

Leading manufacturer of high-precision alloy engineering components, Doncasters – who own Trucast in Ryde –  has taken over Uni-Pol, a global business specialising in the manufacture of superalloy cast parts.

The acquisition places Doncasters amongst the largest manufacturers of high-precision alloy components in the global supply chain, enhancing the future for the group, its employees, and customers.

But Doncasters say there will be no job losses as a result of the acquisition and that there support of the local community will continue exactly as it has always done.

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The precision parts market is expected to reach revenues of $300billion by 2025, growing at a CAGR of over 10% between 2019 and 2025. Doncasters has seen the industry develop since 1778, when the company’s founder, Daniel Doncaster applied the crucible steel-making process to the manufacture of hand tools.

Established in 2005, Uni-Pol has 4 manufacturing facilities in China, India, Mexico and the UK. This acquisition means that Doncasters will have an annual revenue of over $500 million and employ nearly 3,000 people across 7 countries.

Mike Quinn, CEO of Doncasters, said:

“Some time ago, we identified Uni-Pol as a natural fit with the Doncasters group of businesses

“The additional support from the group gives Uni-Pol extensive opportunities to further develop its offering and, in turn, Doncasters will benefit from Uni-Pol’s additional expertise and technology. It also broadens Doncasters’ product offering, benefiting existing and new international customers, particularly those in Asia and South America.

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“This is an exciting time for the Doncasters group of businesses, as we invest in upgrading our operating equipment, technology platforms and capabilities, so that we can be more efficient, accurate, timely and can compete on a wider scale. We’ll also be strengthening and developing our talent, who will benefit from the opportunities created by this acquisition.”

David Orr, Chief Executive Officer of Uni-Pol commented:

“This is a fantastic new chapter in our history. This synergy is great for our people and for our customers as we focus on supplying complex, high-quality competitive products for the automotive and aerospace industries on an international scale. I’m looking forward to working together as one team, towards what looks like a bright future for us all.”

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1 month ago

A success story, a company making money, now that won’t sit too well with all the moaners who see profit as a dirty word, just because they blow every penny no matter what they earn.


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