oardealfundraiserFor most, the slightest suggestion of rowing a grueling 50 nautical miles around the Isle of Wight in less than 8 hours is enough to have us running for the hills. But for the six Island men taking on the challenge of a lifetime rowing around the Isle of Wight, the blood sweat and tears involved is just a side note to the fun they can have achieving the ultimate goal.

On Wednesday 15th May, the fun loving Row for Life Crew will be holding an action packed fundraising evening at the Pier View, Cowes.

The night will include:
• Live music from Juice Box
• Raffle with pukka prizes
• 500m row challenge
• Space hopper racing

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The evening event will raise awareness for their round the Island row on Friday 31st May 2013. The Island based Row for Life Crew members Martin Scotcher, Russell Ince, Sam Grist, Daryl Jenner, Russ Waite, Esiquiel Coelho, John Kerr and Ian Middleton will be aiming to smash the current record of 7hrs 56min rowing 50 nautical miles around the Isle of Wight, the day before thousands of people set sail for the J.P. Morgan Asset Management Round the Island Race.

Martin explains how the teams training has been going in the build up to the challenge: “The training is going well, all the guys are on target or ahead of target for where they should be in the run up to the row. Besides boat training, which is progressing positively, everyone on the team has also accomplished their full or half marathon rows on the rowing machine.”

The row will raise money for the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust an Isle of Wight based charity that gives young people in recovery from cancer the chance to rebuild their confidence through sailing. Celebrating their 10 year anniversary, the Trust has grown beyond every expectation into a national charity. Working with every young person’s primary cancer care unit in the UK, taking young people aged between 8-24 who are recovering from cancer on four-day sailing trips.

The target is to raise £5000 for the Trust, please show your support for their outrageous challenge! Doors to the Pier View, Cowes, open at 20.00 on Wednesday 15th May 2013.

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