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36-year-old Simon John Baker, a former teacher at Christ the King College, has escaped being sent to prison after being caught with more than 9,000 indecent images and videos of children and animals.

Baker, of Greenways in Northwood, has received a 2-year prison sentence – suspended for 2 years – after admitting a string of offences including 6 charges of making an indecent image of children and also possessing extreme pornographic images portraying sexual intercourse with an animal.

Sickeningly, Baker was caught with 8,506 indecent images of children and a further 555 videos. He was also found to be holding 142 images showing bestiality.

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Christ the King College is reassuring parents and students that there is no reason to believe that Baker acted inappropriately at the school or using school IT equipment. He was suspended as soon as Police made the school aware of the situation and he was later sacked.

As well as being given a suspended sentence, Baker has been handed down an 18-year Sexual Harm Prevention Order and has been placed on the Sex Offenders Register for a period of 10 years. He must also complete 35 days rehabilitation and 250 hours of unpaid work.

His computer and mobile phone have been seized and will be destroyed.

A spokesperson for the NSPCC has said:

“It is particularly disturbing that someone in a position of trust and responsibility for children would commit such horrific offences.

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“The images in Baker’s possession have helped fuel a twisted industry that thrives on inflicting pain and suffering on children.

“It is now vital that tech companies commit extra resources to ensure this sickening material is removed as soon it appears online – and to identify who put it there in the first place.”

Source: County Press

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Absolutely terrifying this man made it into a school and had any contact with children. How did he not have a custodial sentence ???

caroline hammill

What an absolute Joke….castration would be a start !!!

Anthony Rascal

Does sandown zoo and the monkey haven need to be warned about this sicko


It’s people who you should feel your kids (and in this weirdos case, pets even) are safe around. The people who they should trust are getting to be the ones you should fear the most. Teachers, priests, police and judges etc. If you were to miss paying your TV licence they would lock you up. Fill your computer with filth, and that’s ok. I just hope he didn’t upload pictures of kids from the island, for his low life mates. Also, surely even if the kids say they thought he was a freak the school has a duty of care… Read more »


Problem is so easy now to take photographs with small hidden cameras. This school needs to get it’s act together. Catholics have had enough s exual scandal within the Church, which, being forced to live a celibate life one can understand how many turn ‘odd’. But we don’t need these people to ever work with children. It must be easy to test teachers for arousal patterns in the brain by subjecting such to visual stimuli now. Bet people would be surprised how many would fail, perhaps that is why they don’t do such. An apology by the School is needed… Read more »

Island Fool

“Problem is so easy now to take photographs with small hidden cameras.”
Worse than that, they just find the images on social media. So many accounts open for public view. Found out mine was a couple days ago. Thought it was closed to friends only but was not. :/ If you have kids I would think very carefully about posting photos of your family. These sickos will get of to anything.

Nikki Hazelgrove

This is an absolute joke. What in heavens name is wrong with this country’s justice system. He needs locking up for a VERY long time.


Well said

John Cage

Some projection, no?

John Cage

Good thing we don’t have a supe l eft commi government who love the EU and it’s ridiculous laws so we can treat sick perverts properly and get them behind bars to protect people. Oh…


As we read HMG pressured by wet human rights groups are more concerned that there is not enough fruit for prison families visiting their sick ‘loved’ ones.

none given

It is the whining, hand wringing, do gooding, lefty, socialist imbeciles that are more worried about the rights of the perpetrator and how it is looked after in jail than metering out suitable punishments.

This effing idiot should have been banged up immediately, deprived of all assets, cash and anything else of value and made to feel as worthless, unhappy, miserable, dirty and helpless as those children are in the images, that the disgusting saddo has been getting off on.

We need to ensure these idiots are locked up 23 hours a day, forever, with death as their only release.

John Cage

But after 12 years of right wing government, and Brexit being, “done” what’s your reason for your beloved right not carrying out the harsh punishments they promised. Can’t blame Venezuela for this.

none given

Brexit woud have been done nearly four years ago, had it not been for the undemocratic, lefty, remain socialist pigs that could not accept that they lost and moved on. Now that things have finally changed, we are starting to see movement in the right direction – plane load of unwanted criminals kicked out – a few more hand wringing lefty do gooding lawyers to get rid of and then the rest of that plane load will be gone also. getting rid of only serving half the sentence for serious criminals. cutting back on the endless welfare bloat. kicking out… Read more »

Magical mag

Should of locked him up……..


I agree with everything you said, up untisaying to look out for males. Why specifically look out for males? Surely you should want to check everyone not just the blokes. You’re basically saying you can carelessly hand over children to a woman, but must background check a bloke first.

Island Fool

Az-zahra, you’re a sexist. This is the definition of sexism. “prejudice, stereotyping, or discrimination, on the basis of sex.” See ‘stereotyping’ which is what you just did. “Women naturally are more caring” WTF! When terrorists attack it is men who jump the attacker without a thought for their own safety.


Az is as he says just being honest. Have you children? I would definitely feel more comfortable with a “real” female looking after mine. It is a shame some people have to come over so PC even when they know its complete BS. Stereotyping is only created by facts and repeated evidence in the most part confirming the so called stereotyping.


He is one sick f*ck. The fact that he didn’t get sent to prison just goes to show how sh*te this country has become. I fully expect him to reoffend in the very near future.

Yoshikage Kira

Reminds of of this really nasty piece of work at Lake Middle


First we have heard of it from the school it’s a joke why not inform us when they sacked him instead just send a email out


The email said they couldn’t mention it earlier due to Police investigations etc, I believe.


Always knew he was a fat nonce


Well said jude


Just wait til ofsted hear about this

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