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A survey of residents in Newport West Ward has found overwhelming support for action to tackle ‘parking chaos’ in local roads.

Conservative Councillor, Chris Whitehouse, arranged for a survey form to be delivered to all 1,250 households in Wellington Road, Fieldfare Road, Hinton Road, Sylvan Drive, Mountbatten Drive, Wilver Road and Caesars Road, as well as the surrounding side roads, and has now analysed the results.

Speaking today, Cllr Whitehouse says:

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“Thanks to all those who have completed and returned their survey forms. It really has been an incredible response. The message from local residents is loud and clear. They want:

  • more traffic enforcement officers and police present at school run time
  • additional off street parking for teachers during the building words, possibly on sections of local playing fields that are currently unused
  • opening Taylor Road in one direction [only] to allow buses [only] to leave without having to turn around and go back down Wellington Road
  • a review of parking for residents.

“Many parents, teachers, school governors and local residents have warned that there is a real danger to school children and elderly residents alike as cars are carelessly and sometimes double-parked making it necessary for buses to mount the curb to get past” warns councillor Whitehouse.

“It is ridiculous that the previous administration, led by Councillor Bacon, which has now collapsed, had six months warning of the chaos that would ensue when Christ the King College lost 60 parking spaces during its current construction work. I will be liaising with officers and those who have taken positions in the new emergency, cross-party Administration under the leadership of Councillor Dave Stewart to see how they can resolve these problems.”

The parking problems are also exacerbated by vans and trucks parking in the local roads so that their owners, who live in other areas, can avoid parking charges in Newport.

Southern Vectis buses are often held up due to inconsiderate parking, which prevents each single-deckers passing through the estate.

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A primary school governor responded to the survey saying:

“As a governor of our Primary School, I am most concerned for the children, it is not safe with all the buses parked in the road, the cars parked everywhere, or for those trying to get home.”

Meanwhile a parent said:

“My children go to Carisbrooke Primary. It is so dangerous where people park on the yellow lines. In the road in which we live the parking is so bad that emergency vehicles could not pass if they were needed.”

An elderly resident responded:

“Does a fatality have to happen before something is done? We also risk losing our valuable bus service if it cannot get between the parked cars.”

There was also considerable support for a free period of 30 minutes to an hour for island residents in council owned car parks and for the introduction of a 20mph speed limit locally.

Residents were also asked to score the performance of the former Council Leader, Jonathan Bacon, on a range of 1 to 10 for his handling of the issue. The results showed he scored less than 1 (0.89) out of 10 in the eyes of local residents.

Chris Whitehouse also thanked local newsagent, True Wight News, for serving as the drop-off point for completed surveys:

“It’s a fantastic local store and provides a real service to the local community. I’m really grateful to the team there for their support and assistance.”

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