L-R: Simon Moye (SV Operations Manager), Marc Fox (animal manager), Lawrence Bates (COO), Matthew Riches (marketing and communications manager) and Richard Tyldsley (SV General Manager)


Southern Vectis has announced its 2022 charity of the year is The Wildheart Trust. 

The local bus operator will spend the year raising funds and awareness to help the trust, which runs the Wildheart Animal Sanctuary in Sandown.

The Wildheart Trust is a registered wildlife charity dedicated to providing forever homes for vulnerable, rescued animals which include everything from lions, tigers and monkeys to lemurs, reptiles and hedgehogs. They also campaign to secure the future of some of the world’s most threatened species while preserving natural habitats that are under the threat of destruction.

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Richard Tyldsley, General Manager for Southern Vectis, says:

“With welfare top of the agenda at the Wildheart Animal Sanctuary, this is an important initiative – and we’re proud to have it within our community here on the Isle of Wight.

“Local people and those from further afield can visit the Wildheart Animal Sanctuary, which is also committed to providing high quality learning opportunities for pupils and students – with the charity’s team using its knowledge of the natural world to inspire all those who visit the sanctuary.

“With such a wonderful resource right on our doorstep, I’m delighted that we will be raising as much money as possible over the coming year, to help The Wildheart Trust continue its excellent work.

“The decision to make The Wildheart Trust our corporate charity was made by my colleagues, who voted for the charity.

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“To start this new relationship, Southern Vectis will be covering the rear of one of our buses with the charity’s branding, and we are offering The Wildheart Trust the opportunity to have branding on board the buses with an easy donate QR code to help raise awareness and vital funds”

Lawrence Bates, chief operating officer of the Wildheart Trust said:

“We are incredibly grateful to Southern Vectis and their employees for making us their charity of the year. It means the world to the team here and all the animals in our care and we cannot wait to get started working together because there is so much we want to achieve in 2022.

“The support of Southern Vectis and their passengers will be vital in our ongoing mission to provide refuge for vulnerable, rescued animals, and giving them the chance to flourish in our sanctuary. Thank you.”

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5 days ago

Good for southern vectis! its a great place to visit. All they need to do is change that stupid “woke” name, how about calling it isle of wight zoo? Thats what everybody calls it…

Sir Digby Chicken Caesar
Sir Digby Chicken Caesar
5 days ago

So from a Zoo to a charity, how does that work then?

Fred Didley
Fred Didley
Reply to  Sir Digby Chicken Caesar
3 days ago

Gift Aid.


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