southern.water.logo (1)A new treatment plant could be built in Sandown by water company Southern Water to fulfill their plans of bringing desalination to the area by 2037.

Following the publication of their Water Resources Management Plan earlier this week, the company want to turn sea water surrounding the Island into drinking water through a method called desalination – the process of removing salt and other minerals from saline water – before treating it and pumping it through to properties across the Isle of Wight.

The system would primarily be used during severe droughts to ease the strain on the network.

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Southern Water have also announced that they wish to upgrade to water supply works near Cowes and Ryde to treat more groundwater by 2030, as well as reducing leakage to save 0.4 million litres of water each day by 2027.

A consultation on the plans began on Monday and will run until 12th August.

You can view and comment on the plans by visiting

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