As online gambling is gaining widespread prominence across the world, it’s important to look out for safe and secure online casinos where you are assured of legitimacy. These casinos ensure that they are fair in all their dealings with players and strive to keep to their promises like: pick a good real money casino in Canada! They are regularly audited, fully licensed, and play by the rules. This is why some of them have been in business for decades, evolving and creating newer ways to serve customers better. We’ve assembled a list of these secure casino sites after thorough scrutiny has been done on them. Thus, they performed excellently in security, payout speeds, payment mediums, bonuses, and many other integral areas.

Let’s take a look at some of the Safe and Secure Online Casinos for real money out there today alongside some of the features that stand them out from the lot.

1. Betway

  • Payouts maximum of two days;
  • 95% winning rate;
  • Welcome bonuses are available and easy to unlock;
  • Large selection of games;
  • Accepts payments from numerous global financial platforms.

2. Sport Pesa

  • Accepts payments from multiple platforms;
  • Payments safe and secure;
  • Bonuses are available on sign up and easy to unlock;
  • Over 150 casino games are available;
  • Customer service support is available 24 hours;
  • 95% winning rate;
  • Payouts maximum of 5 days.

3. MelBet Casino

  • Accepts various forms of payment, including Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies;
  • Sign up bonuses available and easy to get;
  • Supports multiple languages across the globe;
  • Fully licensed by Curacao e-Gaming Regulatory Authorities;
  • Customer support is available via email and phone 24/7;
  • Huge variety of game selections.

4. 22 Bet Casino

  • Accepts payments from 100 different platforms;
  • Offers bonuses up to 100% for sign-ups;
  • Flaunts one of the largest variety of casino games;
  • Customer service support available 24/7 via email and phone;
  • Welcome bonuses are available for everyone;
  • Safe and secure payment methods.

5. 888 Casino

  • Offers customer support via email and phone 24/7;
  • Been operating since 1997;
  • Live dealer games are available, and top limit games as well;
  • Payment maximum speed of 2 days;
  • Multiple payment options for players;
  • Over 270 games selection available;
  • Special offers and bonuses are available for old and new players.

6. Europa Casino

  • Acclaimed 96% winning rate;
  • Features over 400 variety of casino games;
  • Payout maximum number of days is 4;
  • Availability of payments using different globally acceptable credit cards;
  • Deposit options are now with bonuses;
  • Welcome bonus up to 200%, including free 100 spins.

What Makes an Online Casino Safe and Secure?

When looking out for safe and secure online casinos, you must consider the following factors, which are pointers to how safe the gaming platform is. These criteria were also used in our selection process to furnish you with secure online casinos for real money. This list won’t let you get into an online gambling frenzy.

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  • Licensing

This is the first thing that must be considered to determine the safety of an online casino. Licenses aren’t given to freebies, and they are earned through rigorous processes of vetting to ascertain if the online casino is fit to go public with its operations. Hence, any online casino with a license can be trusted and is subject to regular audits. This also keeps the players at a secure end since they are playing with a brand backed by a trusted agency.

There are some reputable agencies that offer licenses to these online gaming operators across the globe, including Malta Gaming Authority, UK Gambling Commission and Curacao e-Gaming.

You can also check around your region for legitimate licensing authorities in the online casino industry to be sure.

  • Game Equality and Fairness

Every game played should have a name like League of Legendss and the unique number generator that generates numbers at random. This creates a level playing field for all players ensuring that no one is cheated and everyone is given a fair chance to win. This random number generator should also come from a reputable source or at least be vetted by a trusted authority.

  • Continuous Auditing

Find out if the online casino you want to patronise is being audited regularly by responsible agencies. Consistent auditing keeps the company in check and ensures that they’re not doing anything illegal or trying to swindle players. When a site is continually audited, they tend to improve the way they treat players and streamline their services to ensure everyone leaves happy and satisfied. Audits are done by external parties to remove any biases during the process.

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  • Secure Technical Operations

You need to be assured that the technical aspects of the online casino are optimally secured. This is because the technical area houses all of the company’s data and funds. Consequently, any bridge in security can lead to massive loss of data and other confidential resources, placing players at a major loss and entirely damaging the reputation of the company. Most online casinos outsource the security of their technical infrastructure to trusted online security firms.

  • Payments and Withdrawals

Making payments and withdrawals is another important factor in online gaming. Funds can disappear in transit from one media to another, which puts players at risk of losing their money. Ensure that all payment platforms are secured with at least SSL encryption certification and look out for other security certificates that they come with.

  • Ownership and Experience

Checking the ownership of the brand is also important. Some newer brands trying to gain footing in the industry can tag along with bigger brands as affiliates or simply stand alone. But ensure due diligence is done. Judge from reviews and review the background of the ownership. Older brands tend to be more reputable than newer counterparts, and if they’ve been operating for a good number of years, it means they’re secure and safe.

All of these factors have been incorporated before the list above was compiled and presented.


With a lot of online gaming casinos out there, some coming up mainstream daily, it can be difficult finding the right or safe one to patronise. The options are too numerous, and you can easily get lost in the crowd. But we’ve made things a lot simpler for your choice-making process by furnishing you with a couple of trusted sources and platforms for maximising your gaming time. These sources are safe, secure, reputable, and offer a lot of bonuses while playing. They are also convenient for use by players, and payouts are usually massive.

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