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The Isle of Wight’s RSPCA Centre has reported a case of Bird Flu meaning it has had to close its admissions of wild birds.

Whilst admissions of wild birds are suspended as per the Government guidance issued the centre remains open to issues involving all other species of animals they care for.

After they sought professional veterinary advice and consulted with those from the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) and the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), a decision was taken to put the affected bird to sleep.

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This case comes just 3 or so months after the first of the then-current outbreak was reported here on the Island.

A statement issued on their Facebook page read:

“We recognise that it is extremely upsetting for all involved and for the public. These actions are to protect other birds in our care, and also humans and other mammals as there is a risk to all.

“This advice also urges all wild bird rehabilitators to liaise with their local vets which is critical, as sadly some seabirds may be unable to be admitted into care. Guidance is that wildlife centres without proper facilities and high levels of personal protective equipment for staff and volunteers should absolutely not be taking in these birds due to the high zoonosis risk.”

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