photo[1]With just days to go before the eight-strong crew take on the challenge of a lifetime, a local charity are calling the Isle of Wight public into action!

The Ellen MacArthur Trust need you to show your support for Martin Scotcher, Russell Ince, Sam Grist, Daryl Jenner, Russ Waite, Esiquiel Coelho, John Kerr and Ian Middleton by sponsoring and cheering the team on as they row up to 10 hours non-stop, 50 nautical miles around the Island for the Island-based charity.

The row will raise money for the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust that gives young people in recovery from cancer the chance to rebuild their confidence through sailing. Celebrating their 10 year anniversary, the Trust has grown beyond every expectation into a national charity. Working with every young person’s primary cancer care unit in the UK, taking young people aged between 8-24 who are recovering from cancer on four-day sailing trips.

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photo[2]Taking to the water in an eight-man Adventure Gig, the Isle of Wight team is aiming to smash the current record of 7hrs 56min held by mainlanders from Langstone Rowing Club, on Friday (31st May), the day before thousands of people set sail for the J.P. Morgan Asset Management Round the Island Race.

There are a number of ways you can get involved including…

– Sponsor the team –
– Follow their progress on Twitter – @UltimateOARdeal
– Get out in the fresh air and cheer the team on (See our where to watch guide below)
– Be at the finish line to celebrate – Cowes Yacht Haven main stage approx. 17.00

While they may row with 8 in the boat, rotating from time to time, crew members are going to be rowing in unbroken stretches of up to 4 hours, racing against the elements in order to make the tide gates on time. This is no mean feat, in total the distance is two and half times the Channel row with its own risks of rough water, rip tides, shoals and rocky outcrops.

Martin Scotcher explains the teams expectations for the day by saying: “The team are now tapering before the big day. Its hard to anticipate what it will be like on day, we know we will make it round without sinking, that we can be sure of. As for the record its out of our hands now, the team are physically fit enough to be a threat to the record but if the weather conditions are anything less than perfect its going to be a real challenge. Fingers crossed the weather man is on our side!”

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Support from the public for such an epic challenge is going to be vital to maintain the pace, tweets to their account @UltimateOARdeal, from the on the water support crew will map the progress of the team. Keep track of the tweets and use the where to watch guide below to find the perfect spot to cheer the guys on.

The target is to raise £5000 for the Trust, please show your support for their outrageous challenge!
Where to Watch Guide:

06.45 – West Cowes – The start line
Adrenaline and nerves for the challenge ahead fuel the boys at this unearthly hour. If you are an early bird get down to the Royal Yacht Squadron or Cowes Green to cheer the guys off the start line.

08.45 – 09.45 The Needles – The first tide gate
After three hours on the water with the tide working in their favor, the crew will blast 13 nautical miles to the needles to make the 30min tide gate around the treacherous Needles Lighthouse. From the top of the West High Downs at the Needles Battery you will get a beautiful view of the rowers against the stunning iconic backdrop of the Needles Lighthouse.

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10.45 – 11.45 South coast of the Island – The hard slog
Now starts the real hard slog, the south coast of the Island is notorious for its big seas and rugged coastline. After an hour of slack tide at low water the tide will once again pick up in their favor, as the crew hug the coastline and reach the 26 nautical mile mark at St Catharine lighthouse at around 11.45. Chilton Chine, St. Catherine’s Point and Ventnor all provide perfect picnic viewpoints to cheer the guys on as they reach the halfway mark.

11.45 – 14.45 Bembridge Ledge– The home straight
Bembridge Ledge marks the 38 mile, by now the fatigue will set in arms will feel like led and blisters will be bubbling but the guys will battle through knowing that the finish line and a well earned drink is within reaching distance on the horizon. The pretty village of Seaview and the outstretched Ryde Pier provide perfect viewing platforms for the row as the guys dig deep in the final homeward stretch.

15.45 – 16.45 Cowes Yacht Haven – A hero’s welcome home
The team will be on stage in the Cowes Yacht Haven to celebrate their unbelievable achievement, come down and help celebrate!

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