islandroadshospiceKeen to support Earl Mountbatten Hospice, eight Island Roads staff ‘Walked the Wight’ as part of a team entry on Sunday 12th May.

The team raised £370 from sponsorship and Island Roads donated a further £300 in recognition for the team’s passion for supporting this local charity, giving a total of £670.

Staff took part in the gruelling 26.5 mile main walk which is broken down into two stages; the 12.5 mile stretch from Bembridge to Carisbrooke, and 14 miles from Carisbrooke Castle to the finish at Alum Bay.  Three of the team members walked from Bembridge to Carisbrooke but the other five managed the marathon distance up and down some of the Island’s biggest hills to the finish line.

Andy Marsh, Island Roads Performance Manager said: “After battling through the wind and rain, we all felt we’d accomplished something to be proud of. The event was extremely well organised, with a really friendly atmosphere and it gave us all a good opportunity to work together as a team to do something positive for the community.”

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In addition to supporting charitable events such as this in their own time, all Island Roads employees have an allowance of two days per year to volunteer for community projects, charities and good causes. This is part of Island Roads commitment to being very much part of the local community throughout the 25 year lifetime of the highway project.

Photo: From left, Karen Eeles (Hospice Fundraising Team Leader), Vicky Keefe, Nikki Hunter, Andy Marsh, Alan Ransom and Mike Clarke.

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