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If you have captured an Island moment in a photograph and think that others would like to see it, then send it in to be featured on our Island Echo Readers' Gallery.

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waiting for the rocket to go past at the UK (Linda Belcher)
Under the pier at Ryde (Lisa Charman)
The moon & Apollo 11 landing site at Ventnor (Sam Digweed)2
The moon & Apollo 11 landing site at Ventnor (Sam Digweed)
Squirrel at Alverstone (Jane Holland) 2
Squirrel at Alverstone (Jane Holland) 2
Sheep at Godshill (Jane Holland)
Shanklin ledge at Shankin (Steven snary)
Sandown bay at Culver (Jane Holland)
Puckpool (Sandy)
Pigeon at Alverstone (Jane Holland)
My mum in her care home love her at Sandown (aria Wilson)
Liftoff at Ryde beach (Lisa Charman)
Jay at Alverstone (Jane Holland)
Hairy cow at Alverstone (Jane Holland)
Geese over Newtown (Linda Belcher)
Evening stroll at Pigleg Lane (Lisa Charman)
Echium appears in with the vegetables at Church Road, Binstead (Carol Pryke)
Bembridge Fort at Culver (Jane Holland)
Bembridge Fort at Culver (Jane Holland)
Basketball on steroids at Culver Down (Pat Pollington)
And afternoon on the beach at Shanklin (Maria Wilson)
Squirrel at Alverstone (Jane Holland) 4

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