Well, that is yet another month that has flown by for many. But don’t fear, our Readers have been busy capturing the Island in its glory.

If you have captured an Island moment in a photograph and think that others would like to see it, then send it in to be featured on our Island Echo Readers' Gallery.

Please supply your name and a brief description of where and when the photograph was taken, or perhaps a funny caption.

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The deadline is Thursday at 09:00 and photos will be published on the Island Echo website during the later part of Friday, normally early evening. If you miss the cut off time, then don't fear, we will just add them into the following week!

Submit your photos here: SEND YOUR PHOTOS

A Cetis warbler at Bembridge (Linda Belcher)
Yafford Mill (Jane Holland)
Winkle Street (Jane Holland)
White-tailed Eagle at Shorwell (Martin Wright)
Turtle at Botanical Gardens (Jane Holland)
St Catherine’s Lighthouse (Jim Britton)
The Hut at Colwell Bay (Duncan Barnes)
The Guard-horse at Ningwood (Jim Britton)
Tennyson down at (Janette Maynard)
Tennyson down at (Janette Maynard)
Sunset at Ryde (Josh Thomas)
Sunset at End of Ryde pier (Lisa Coleman)
Sunny Day In Ventnor at Ventnor (Stephanie Carvell)
Sunny Day In Ventnor at Ventnor (Stephanie Carvell)
Sunny Day In Ventnor at Ventnor (Stephanie Carvell)
Sun setting West Wight (Kate)
Stag beetle (Linda Belcher)
St Lukes Cemetery before council destroyed all the flowers & butterflies at Bembridge (Mrs Smith)
Spotted a creepy figure in the water at Newtown (Linda Belcher)
Smiley over my house! at Shanklin (Hils)
Sheep West Wight (Katie)
Serene Sunset at Colwell Bay (Duncan Barnes)
Seaweed at Yarmouth (Katie)
Sandown first thing at Sandown (Richard Turner-Smith)
The reclining figure of rock at Binnel Bay (Tim Newnham)
Ready for my close up! at My garden in Freshwater (Jane Hadlow)
A pilot from Sandown Airport drawing huge smileys in the sky – cheer us all up! at Sandown (Alisoun Powell)
Pier view at Ryde (Lisa Coleman)
Peony at Carisbrooke (Sue Dunford)
Old village (Jane Holland)
Nudist beach crowded but all social distancing at Blackgang beach (Beamish Boy)
Night sky In lockdown…. at Home (John Hetherington)
My Grandaughter going shopping in safety for me in a divers mask at Her house (Mary Jamerson)
Mottistone Manor at Mottistone (Jane Holland)
Mottistone Churchyard at Mottistone (Mary Jamerson)
Moon In lockdown…. at Home (John Hetherington)
Misty Newtown creek at Newtown (Jim Britton)
Lunchtime for Squirrels at My garden in Freshwater (Jane Hadlow)
Lovely ship with nowhere to go at Culver Down (Steve Williams)
Looking out to sea Brighstone (Katie)
Longstone at Mottistone (Jane Holland)
Juvenile Goldfinch in the garden at Garden (JoshThomas)
Just beautiful, not abroad at Yaverland (Lisa Coleman)
Iris at Ventnor (Jane Holland)
I better mooove out the way at Shanklin (Josh Thomas)
Hovercraft departing at Ryde sands (Jim Britton)
Herron at Bembridge (Linda Belcher)
Happy surfer at Watershoot Bay (Jim Britton)
Happy faces over Winford at Winford (Mike Long)
Freshwater Lifeboat at Freshwater Bay (Duncan Barnes)
Freshwater bay at Freshwater (JoshThomas)
Foxglove Alvestone habitants at Alvestone nature reserve (Jane Grewcock)
Fossil at low tide at Shanklin Beach (Dave Gorsuch)
Fishing in Sandown bay to a smiley face at On my boat in Sandown bay (Stephen)
Fishing in Sandown bay to a smiley face at On my boat in Sandown bay (Stephen)
Different kind of cloud formation at Newport (Denise Russell)
Day moon In lockdown…. at Home (John Hetherington)
Culver Cliffs (Jackie Simpkins)
Crystal ball beach photography at Beach (Josh Thomas)
Compton Farm at Compton (Alice Phillips)
Chilean Potato Tree in my garden at Carisbrooke (Paul Foxwell)
Busy garden bees at My garden Nettlestone (Amanda Ellis)
Brook House at Brook (Jane Holland)
Brighstone (Katie)
Botanical Gardens (Jane Holland)
Bird In lockdown…. at Home (John Hetherington)
Bird Alvestone habitants at Alvestone nature reserve (Jane Grewcock)
Bee in lockdown…. at Home (John Hetherington)
Beautiful bank holiday at Gatcombe (Paul)
Alvestone habitants at Alvestone Nature Reserve (Jane Grewcock)
Abandoned Lobster Pot at Yarmouth Sandhard (Duncan Barnes)
A lovely bunch of daises at Wootton (Cath Howlett)

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Martin W
Martin W
2 years ago

Another brilliant and diverse selection of photographs. Found Mrs Smiths photo title a little odd as clearly the wrong photograph must have been sent or the title became confused as even our council couldn’t cause ‘that’ amount of damage in a Church yard! Yet Mrs Smith, I totally agree with your sentiment. A family member of ours is buried in that Old church yard, and it would now be a riot of colour and beauty and alive with butterflies and wildlife. As if God himself had taken the long forgotten and empty flower vases and holders and blessed the site with a couple of months of sheer beauty and joy to the many otherwise now sadly neglected tombstones. Now just tufts of green poking through a matted brown dried mulch replace the once vibrant flower show. Surely they could have waited a couple of months for the flower to die… Read more »


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