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Homes and businesses in the rural villages of Chale and Niton are without power this afternoon (Tuesday).

A power outage hit the area at around 15:55 and is said to be affecting a total of 128 postcode areas in PO38 2.

Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks are aware of the main network fault and engineers are en-route to investigate the cause.

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It is hoped that power will be restored to all customers by 19:00 this evening.

128 known affected area(s)
 PO30 3HF
 PO30 4QP
 PO38 1SW
 PO38 1XZ
 PO38 1YA
 PO38 2AG
 PO38 2AN
 PO38 2AP
 PO38 2AR
 PO38 2AT
 PO38 2AU
 PO38 2AX
 PO38 2AY
 PO38 2AZ
 PO38 2BA
 PO38 2BB
 PO38 2BD
 PO38 2BE
 PO38 2BG
 PO38 2BH
 PO38 2BJ
 PO38 2BL
 PO38 2BN
 PO38 2BP
 PO38 2BQ
 PO38 2BS
 PO38 2BT
 PO38 2BU
 PO38 2BW
 PO38 2BX
 PO38 2BY
 PO38 2DA
 PO38 2DB
 PO38 2DD
 PO38 2DE
 PO38 2DF
 PO38 2DG
 PO38 2DH
 PO38 2DJ
 PO38 2DL
 PO38 2DN
 PO38 2DP
 PO38 2DQ
 PO38 2DR
 PO38 2DS
 PO38 2DT
 PO38 2DU
 PO38 2DW
 PO38 2DX
 PO38 2DY
 PO38 2DZ
 PO38 2EA
 PO38 2EB
 PO38 2ED
 PO38 2EJ
 PO38 2HA
 PO38 2HB
 PO38 2HD
 PO38 2HE
 PO38 2HF
 PO38 2HG
 PO38 2HH
 PO38 2HJ
 PO38 2HL
 PO38 2HN
 PO38 2HQ
 PO38 2HR
 PO38 2HS
 PO38 2HT
 PO38 2HU
 PO38 2HW
 PO38 2HX
 PO38 2HY
 PO38 2HZ
 PO38 2JB
 PO38 2JE
 PO38 2JF
 PO38 2JG
 PO38 2JJ
 PO38 2JL
 PO38 2JN
 PO38 2JP
 PO38 2JQ
 PO38 2JR
 PO38 2JS
 PO38 2JT
 PO38 2JU
 PO38 2JW
 PO38 2JX
 PO38 2JY
 PO38 2JZ
 PO38 2LA
 PO38 2LB
 PO38 2LD
 PO38 2LE
 PO38 2LJ
 PO38 2LP
 PO38 2LS
 PO38 2LX
 PO38 2LY
 PO38 2LZ
 PO38 2NA
 PO38 2NB
 PO38 2ND
 PO38 2NE
 PO38 2NF
 PO38 2NG
 PO38 2NJ
 PO38 2NL
 PO38 2NP
 PO38 2NQ
 PO38 2NS
 PO38 2NT
 PO38 2NU
 PO38 2NX
 PO38 2NY
 PO38 2NZ
 PO38 2PD
 PO38 2PJ
 PO38 2PR
 PO38 2QF
 PO38 2QH
 PO38 2QJ
 PO38 2QL
 PO38 2QN
 PO38 2QP
 PO38 2QR
 PO38 2QW


Reference: GC3391

For further information about this power cut call the dedicated helpline by dialling 105.

Alternatively, you can send SSEN a message on Facebook or Twitter (@ssencommunity).

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App: Did you know SSEN also have a mobile phone app where you can report, locate, track and subscribe to faults in your area?

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