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Police are responding to reports of an illegal large gathering of youths in the Shanklin area this evening (Friday).

Officers say they are aware of the situation and have reiterated that such a gathering is against the public health restrictions currently in place.

The South Wight team, supported by C Shift, are in the area and will be seeking to disperse this group, which is thought to involve upwards of 40 individuals.

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An Inspector has authorised the use of Section 35 of the Anti Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act to enable officers to deal with the issue. Police Officers and PCSOs can disperse persons found within the area marked on the map, who are contributing or likely to contribute to causng other members of the public harassment, alarm or distress or crime and disorder.

The dispersal authorisation is in force for the next 12 hours.

The youths were last seen in the area of the Old Village, Salem Road and Grange Road.

If your children are not at home with you this evening, ask yourselves where they are and if they are in this group you are encouraged to tell them to return home.

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Old bean

Shanklin is bad now wait till the young ones grow up

Perry Hill

Lake is even worse. The special PCO’s are just a joke to the youth, and are as powerless as the Police to do anything about this roaming low life.   When Ryde doubles in size and much of the new inhabitants of social housing coming from the inner cities, life on the Island will regress further.   As unemployment rises crime and anti social behaviour will destroy the pleasure of living here for the masses. Yet those granting permission will NOT be living anywhere near the scumsville they will profit greatly from.   God help YOUR children as they grow… Read more »


Yours is an offensive comment on so many levels. You imply that individuals living in social housing are solely responsible for unemployment, rising crime rates, and anti-social behaviour, but this simply isn’t true. And you are generalising and negatively labelling these people. What good does that do? None. In fact, if you read up on negative labelling you’ll find that by making comments such as this you are ‘stoking the fire’. Also, have you ever thought that perhaps the ‘pleasant Island childhood’ you speak of was one of affluence and privilege? There will be many Islanders of a similar age… Read more »

Perry Hill

NO, ‘your words’ suggesting that social housing tenants are ‘solely’ responsible for the things you suggest.   I would guess that ‘more’ are than those from owner occupied families though.   One has NO choice when commenting on a bb about a mob who have not been named individually to ‘generalise’ and then give a negative label to the group.   Of course some will be less guilty, some not guilty at all of any wrong doing, but that is WHY we have a court and inquest into wrong doing, to then filter out those responsible for ills carried out… Read more »


My the use of “ affluence and privilege “ is an insult how dare you many of us had very little but we could still be respectful, todays young labelled as snowflakes is quite true.


I should move off now if I were you!

Calum Glenister

A night in the cells would cool their heels.


It was a party stuff kids do they just living

Opinions Matter

We are in the middle of a pandemic. I doubt the youth know what this is or even care because they think they are immune. Do you know what a pandemic is N/a?

Sophie benton

That is not true there are just some people not taking it seriously it is up to the parent to teach there kids and then if your kids still go out there is nothing you can do but kids do understand schools have taught them before they left some of them just have things going on at home or smoke and drink and think that is more important and its not but it isnt many kids like that atm i also think these kids have done this last night but what are adult going to be doing tonight


There aint no pandemic its all lies


isn’t any, it’s ……’think I’ve found a new calling as a proof reader!

Opinions Matter

Bloody hell Bob, haven’t you got anything decent to say. All you keep posting is “, it’s all lies”. I think we’ve all read many times what you think. Can you not expand a little more.

Phillip mcracken


Last edited 1 month ago by Phillip mcracken

A group of teenagers doesn’t always mean they are causing trouble, they are the age group that because of COVID have missed the end of their high school years though no fault of their own ending with no exams and no prom to celebrate. Their last exams would have been last week and would have been their official school leaving date. And before anyone says yes we are still in restrictions so they shouldn’t be out, but like wise it doesn’t mean they are out to cause trouble either.

Last edited 1 month ago by Tim

Well said. People are quick to criticise, rather than take the time to understand why this has taken place.


They will be home soon , it’s raining and fecking windy . They wont want to get there chav trainers dirty lol


Let’s acknowledge that Ryde, Shanklin and Sandown are the best at representing the worst of the Isle of Wight


Of course Newport is full of Saints isn’t it. Considering those coastal towns contribute a large percentage of the population on the island, your point is what exactly?


Newport is no better to be honest


Thank God I don’t live there or have anything to do with the detritus of life


Trouble is I’m afraid this is not unique to the island as we have seen it seems to be a problem with what I call the selfish generation.

Opinions Matter

Yes you are right Tintin, you forgot Newport though. What has started going on in these towns here on the IOW has been going on for years on the mainland. The island is very slowly catching up which is such a shame. If parents here bought their children up correctly, taught them what respect means, be polite and helpful, respect the police and others in general oh and taught them what rubbish bins are!!! Everything with the younger generation wouldn’t be too bad. To be fair though, the mainland is much worse. With large housing developments in the pipeline, Ryde… Read more »


Seaview and bembridge represent the worse

Just me

What is it with teens these days they seem to think they are invincible

Perry Hill

Because the Police are toothless as are schools. So unless you can prove which one of a mob did something, then they get away with whatever.
Yet some dim on here (not living anywhere near the troubles) seem to think they are not a problem.
I wouldn’t if living in Alverstone, or other leafy lane in a detached home. But, as the numbers of feral rubbish breed, few will eventually be immune.

Richard Collins

That has always been true. 20 years ago, 40 years ago 100 years ago and more. It’s a known fact in physiology.


What is it with you old people you beleive any think your told you prob beleive weve been to the moon and that santa visits once a year. teens these days got to the right idea live ur life its short and enjoy it


Believe, anything, believe ( I before E, except after C)! – usually


You should learn to spell but why waste time on education eh?

Green Bean

40?! more like 150

John Smith

Sweep these youths up and send them to an army camp for some discipline. I would also send the parents!

Betty S

Blame the parent’s! They should have more control and be aware where the children are.

Dave Manning

There’s nothing for them to do
Everything is shut so what do you expect!!

Perry Hill

Easy to say living in Wroxall in the middle of countryside with no riff raff

Inbred iowter

Come on be honest did you truthfully tell your parents where you were going and not deviate just a little or a lot I know I did we were all young once

Soldier of fortune

Sure we told a few lies but we weren’t in the grip of a pandemic.


What pandemic you mean lies and fear


What planet are you on ? Tell us all what experience you have to come to a conclusion that it’s all lies and fear? No, don’t bother you are just a troll that likes to wind people up, your other posts are just as moronic.

Opinions Matter

Here it is again. Can you not come up with anything else Bob? Bloody hell, it’s getting boring now.

Opinions Matter

Go Betty S. I agree with you 100% parents don’t care what their kids are up to as long as they are not bothering them


Mmm.. some but not all


We are ALL responsible for the kids of today. As we were in the past. Only now, all the narrow minded uncompasionate whining grown ups can do is write them all off before theyve even grown. Do You all forget these kids are our future. You want to nurture it or damn it ?


Give them some thing to do whats the problem if there doing no harm they just been locked up for 3 months so let them be free and live there lives and see there friends at least they dont want to be treated like sheep they have had enough like the rest of us its just the old people bitching about the youth again


They’re, their! -Sorry, I can’t stand it when people use “They’re ” “Their ” and “There” incorrectly!


Learn to be more tolerant then.


Total disregard for safety. Well done the Police.


And I thought that for you all terrible people come from the mainland – or even worse – from abroad!


The group are lucky that brains aren’t taxed because they’ll be due for a rebate.

R Horton

Hope they had the decks there


It may have been a full moon party which they’d usually be attending at a festival or, for some, Ibiza or Ko Samui. Not this year!

David Routledge

I doubt that they know or care what a full moon is


If the young people are 18 or over – parents haven’t a hope of exercising any control over them.
This whole virus situation has hit the young people hard and they have no experience of making do.
Should never have reduced the adult age from 21 then they would have left university and then become an adult.

Opinions Matter

Errr! Hello YJC. If they still live at home with Mum & Dad they should abide by the rules of the house. We are in the middle of a pandemic, they probably don’t even know what that is, all they care about is living in social media land, their phones and alcohol. Their parents need to start setting some house rules whatever age they maybe. Maybe the parents of these kids don’t set any rules for them, if so, they go and do what they want so then the problem becomes to the attention of the Police

Noodle bones

I saw them all getting on the train at ryde esplanade as I was sheltering from the rain. There was easily 35 + of them, and I didn’t see 1 mask!


I don’t see many people over 45 wearing a mask either in the supermarkets?!


You want to see what I see on Southern Vectis every trip – wearing a face mask to get on and off the bus, then pulling it right down as soon as they sit down! What bloody good is that- and it’s mainly pensioners! I’ve contacted the company to see if they can update the “on-board ” messages, to instruct passengers on the correct way of wearing a mask, so time will tell.


I saw them all getting off at shanklin, must’ve been more getting on at each stop. I didn’t see any masks either!


Junior Caulkheads miss- Behaving hilarious Island behaviour. And you think your gonna get visitors? Dilusional.


Well done Gungadin, not easy to get that many spelling, grammar and punctuation errors in only 15 words. You sound like the sort of person whose advise we should all be listening to.



Auto correct







We only have 9 on the beat on the whole iskand anyway


Too many lemonades!


.. They didn’t cause any damage – just a lot of cheerful banter as they all walked past my house – may all the Net Curtain Twitchers retreat back to there sofa’s & watch a Midsomers repeat with their cocoa.

Perry Hill

You Tray c, were most fortunate. My friend saw one of them drop a crisp or some sort of bag down on the pavement. Imagine if that blows into the sea and a whale chokes on it.


I walked passed them all, like you said just a lot of cheerful banter


There were loads of youngsters running around Atherley Rd and railway station, not a copper in sight.


I thought groups of 30 were allowed so what is the problem. The main problem is old biddies
that do not adhere to any rules.


And old blokes

Covid 19 isn’t going to get me

So teenagers being teenagers? The horrors whatever next!?


Disability powered chair racing along Ryde Esplanade!

Covid 19 isn’t going to get me

That sounds brilliant! Count me in!


Wow. You must all know these kids personally with such righteous opinions. If You want to educate and teach respect, try showing some.

The Regulator

IOW is one of the few places in UK with relatively low infection levels. This behaviour does nothing to maintain that low infection level. Of course kids need to let off steam. But for just a few months on this very rare situation with the pandemic, this behaviour must be avoided.


In a perfect world yes


Photo shows a small group if kids ? No antisocial behaviour ? The pubs will have bigger crowds this eve. Let’s see how well the grown ups behave…

Richard Collins

The younger generation that go to Ryde beach in the evening have been much better behaved, at times more than the older generation. Keeping to their small groups and keeping away from others. Don’t paint them all with the same brush.

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