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New public toilets are proposed for the heart of Ventnor — providing the town’s only ‘accessible’ toilet facilities.

Ventnor Town Council has submitted plans to the Isle of Wight Council to construct toilets in the Central Car Park on High Street.

The block of 3 toilets will include two stalls and one disabled facility with a baby changing unit, will be located in the corner closest to Spring Hill.

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The town council will decide next Monday whether or not to make the toilets pay-to-use if the application is granted.

David Bartlett, clerk at Ventnor Town Council, said it is the council’s commitment to improve the town centre. He said:

“The absence of a central toilet facility is particularly for people with disabilities as the only public toilet with appropriate facilities is on Marlborough Road and approached by a daunting slope.”

Marlborough Road toilets have been closed to the public since December due to vandalism and damage in the flat above.

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Open style French toilets would be more healthy, and not prone to vandals as you can see peoples heads and feet, and would stop making public toilets a place for gays to engage in sordid horse play.

A quick hose down once a day, and nothing to encourage drug takers as it is just a basic toilet surrounds by a narrow privacy screen.


Are you for real?


There were new toilets built in Ventnor a few years ago. It did not take long for them to be closed and eventually converted into a dwelling, if these new ones are built ‘something’ needs to be put in place to stop something similar happening. Why haven’t the Marlborough Road toilets been brought back into use? Keeping them closed is just letting the vandals get away with it.

Joe Blogs

High time the ladies toilet was reopened. All very well sticking a notice on it saying the nearest ladies is on the esplanade but how the hell do they expect a pensioner to get there?

Joe Blogs

They had a toilet in Market street, but it was closed and sold off for a house.

Joe Blogs

Thats right make it pay to use and penalise the pensioners.

Sue Salter

Its a bit warmer in France and open toilets do not provide mother and baby facilities or disability requirements plus you would be visible to everyone on the higher levels in Ventnor… horrible idea.


My comment is awaiting moderation? But you’ve allowed this comment from Seay? Really?

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