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A pedestrian is reported to have been involved in a road traffic incident on Sandown Road between Lake and Shanklin this lunchtime (Thursday).

Police and paramedics are currently in attendance between YMCA Winchester House and Skew Bridge. They were alerted to the incident at around 12:55.

The road has been closed in both directions whilst emergency teams deal with the situation at hand.

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Southern Vectis Route 3 buses are diverting via Green Lane in both directions until further notice.

UPDATE @ 14:28 – A 16-year-old boy has been rushed to St Mary’s Hospital by land ambulance with a head injury.

The windscreen of a silver VW Polo has been ‘bullseyed’.

A cordon has been erected around the scene of the collision whilst investigations take place.

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UPDATE @ 15:30 – The Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance has been involved in the incident, landing at the St Mary’s Hospital helipad.

The decision has been taken to transfer the patient to the mainland via cross-Solent ferry. It is thought the teen has been rushed to the hovercraft terminal in Ryde.

A spokesperson for Hampshire Constabulary has said:

“We were called at 12.54pm with reports of a collision on Lake Bridge, Sandown Road.

“A Volkswagen Polo and a pedestrian collided. The pedestrian, a 16-year-old boy, has suffered a head injury.

“The incident is ongoing.”

UPDATE @ 18:20 -Sandown Road has now reopened to traffic.

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I can’t say I’m surprised by this, while out today the standard of driving is appalling, had a Black Toyota RAV4 tailgating and trying to overtake through Rookley, I have the reg so will report to police. A red open-topped sports car tailgating and trying to overtake whilst waiting for a car in front to do a right turn……. Hope the victim recovers quickly. Be careful there are some real idiots on the road at the moment. Most seem to be “I can’t see that 30 sign”


Did you know you do not have the right to tell another driver of a vehicle how to drive, Completely fruitless reporting bad drivers also, I tried it in Sussex, 3 weeks later I was told by the police the other motorist failed to respond to their letter of enquiry.

garry perkins

Your comment is not very helpful as you do not know the facts about this incident. So stating as you have about idiot drivers is not relevant to this incident.


It wasn’t the drivers fault, the kid crossed the road without looking and listening as he had his headphones

Uncle Albert

Are you seriously pointing the finger at the car driver that unfortunately hit this lad? Unless you witnessed this particular incident, how on earth can you make such a slanderous statement? Yes there are some dangerous drivers on the road and I have no reason to disbelieve your experience today, but you cannot just make assumptions about an individual case. You need the FACTS.


Hope the guy is ok.
These road accidents are getting to regular sometimes daily.


Had some idiot over take me through binstead i was only doing 30 mph at the fleaming arms.must be the heat.


and how is that related to a 16 year old being hit by a car, did you report the driver or just got a boner thinking about the amount of likes you would get on here?


Although I have to admit (living on Fairlee rd) the standard of driving in some cases is dire, it must also be remembered that it is not always the driver at fault.
Hope the teenager recovers well


Mary, there are many cyclists and drivers on the roads at 4/5am particularly from shift changes, ferry traffic and vans/lorries moving goods and freight around.
Every now and again a ‘woo-woo’ or a ‘nee-naw’ is necessary to keep everyone safe, no matter what time it is

Last edited 16 days ago by JudgeMental
The Truth

The standard of driving on the island is just shocking.


Unless the car has mounted the pavement..or was doing very excesive speeds surely it is the youth whom is at fault..


Yeah blame the one in hospital, very classy


Just because he is hospital doesn’t mean he was not at fault..I’ m sure he will be more careful in the future…though maybe not with the likes of you to make him think he is a victim.

John M

Hope the young lad recovers and the driver of the vehicle gets the support that they need too. It may just have been an unfortunate accident, lets hope it was and everybody is ok

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