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Isle of Wight MP Bob Seely has issued a statement on the recently-announced planning reforms.

As previously reported by Island Echo, the Government has set out plans to overhaul an ‘outdated’ planning system and reform the way the country builds.

The landmark changes will transform a system that has long been criticised for being too sluggish in providing housing for families, key workers and young people and too ineffectual in obligating developers to properly fund the infrastructure – such as schools, roads and GP surgeries – to support them.

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Speaking about the proposed changes, Bob Seely has said:

“I will be looking at these proposals very carefully.

“Whilst some planning reform may be valuable, I want to make sure that this is right for the Island. If it is, then we will work to get the best new rules we can. If it isn’t, I’ll be seeking to change them.

“The targets we have at the moment are not fit for purpose and are inflated. The current system means that sometimes the wrong houses are built in the wrong places. It is not good for either local communities or those needing housing.

“On the Island and throughout the country, we need more local community involvement and support in the planning process, not less. We need to get rid of ‘land-banking’ and other developer ploys that undermine the planning process.

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“I will be working closely with local community groups on the Island to make sure we all understand how these processes may work, and how we can make them work for the Island.”

“I will publicise more details about the Island Plan and housing targets next month.”

The views/opinions expressed in these comments are solely those of the author and do not represent those of Island Echo. House rules on commenting must be followed at all times.
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Philip Blackburn

It’s the big ones on greenfield that you’ve got to question Bob. They’re the game changers for the future. And the new infrastructure should always come first, not promises on a piece of paper.

Nic Gash

Land banking definitely needs to be sorted. Too many brown field sites are being held back from development. I would also like to see a reformed version of compulsory purchase which would allow land to be sequestered under a Trust system where compensation is payable after development rather than as a cost burden on local authorities.


we need to get rid of developers building houses here, pretending they are for islanders, who do not need them and then advertising them for sale around the country and as far afield as the north of england.   These leeches only care about lining their pockets and destroying the environment. I doesn’t matter what they say. they are still concreting over greenfields, reducing the ability of the nature to remove CO2 from the atmosphere and generate oxygen. Every house they build contributes to global warming.   The island has biosphere status and there is supposedly a climate emergency that… Read more »


Liar liar pants on fire. Bob Seely knows full well the intentions of the government to fast track radical reforms of development. Residents will be deprived of much their say to give a major boost to construction firms . In practice there will be 3 zones. Zone 1 will be protected against development although no length of time given Zone 2 will be designated for growth. Developers will be automatically allowed to build without any need to seek approval. Zone 3 developers will be given permission to build ‘in principle ‘ while checks are being carried out. Add to insult… Read more »


Welcome to capitalism, I say build build build. . . It’s good for my salary


If you’re in the building trade yes it’s good for your salary and wish you well. The point I was making was that in the near future nobody will have the opportunity to object against any developments not even the local council. Seems far fetched but it’s on its way. As for capitalism it’s an economical and political system in which a country’s trade and industry are controlled by private owners rather than the state. Do you want this ?


More houses are needed, so build build build, especially on the pretty Island – It’s a many making paradise!


Capitalism is here, wether I want it or not is irrelevant.

Janice Pegg

IF you cared at all, you would push to stop such practices as councils receiving money for taking in ‘other’ councils tenants.
As clearly, it is a way of the council on the mainland having the chance in a lifetime to offload their most troublesome tenants on our mercenary council.
Earn some respect Bob and stop Ryde being built to ruination.


London has a host of tenants waiting for accomodation on the Island, mostly EU nationals.


It would be karma if they all moved next to and all around you. Interesting to see if you had the same opinion then. Then again wouldn’t get the truth out of you then


Whatever Bob


It’s common knowledge that the whole planning system is corrupted, get that sorted first. Councillors being coerced into voting through consents for their ” brothers”.

Janice Pegg

It is very corrupt, more so than anyone would ever believe. Proving such is the difficult part of which they are well aware, hence it goes on.
Other councillors knowingly pay cash to employees who work for them keeping them off the books.

The Truth

This is a great policy from the government, let’s get them homes built regardless of the selfish killjoys who think the island belongs only to them and them only..


This is about environmental destruction, not your delusions of “ownership”, you brain-dead conspiratorial believing jackass.


I hate to say this Bob,
Words words oh and more words.
Its action that you need to be seen to carry out and not just words.
Earn your money and respect from people by acting and not producing words that may sound good.

Horse face

Sadly words is all they can use. But it is whether they truly ‘mean’ the words they use. Or just say what the masses wish to hear, but really just toe the party line to keep increasing immigration to lower wages, to appease their own and their large business suporters.
Sadly that means more houses more greenfield sites gone, and more traffic congestion etc.
Where someone does not even live here which way do you think their real loyalty lye.


The infrastructure never happens. The roads are all clogged up the schools are too small and under staffed and our hospital is half the size it should be. The government have only ever used this island as a cash cow and put very little back. As for developers providing anything, forget it.

Mary Huff

” Not fit for purpose..and inflated “…hmm exactly like the ferries Bob. !

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