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This page contains details of planning applications submitted to the Isle of Wight Council for which the consultation period commences on or after the Friday of publication.

Clicking each link will take you through to the application where planning documents can be viewed and comments can be left.


Application No: P/00186/19 Alt Ref: TCP/32007/B
Location: Middle Barn, Horringford, Newport, Isle Of Wight, PO303AP
Proposal: Demolition of barn; proposed dwelling to include change of use of surrounding land to use as ancillary garden

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Application No: P/00155/19 Alt Ref: TCP/05075/P
Location: Brading C Of E Primary School, West Street, Brading, Sandown, Isle Of Wight, PO360DS
Proposal: Proposed extensions to admin area and staff room; replacement roof; replacement windows and doors; replacement rainwater goods

Application No: P/00198/19 Alt Ref: TCP/02595/J
Location: Olive Cottage, Carpenters Road, St. Helens, Ryde, Isle Of Wight, PO331YQ
Proposal: Demolition of existing porches; proposed alterations, single storey extension, canopy porch and extension at first floor level


Application No: P/00197/19 Alt Ref: TCP/17213/E
Location: Lower Calbourne Mill, Caulbourne Lane, Newbridge, Yarmouth, Isle Of Wight, PO410TZ
Proposal: Variation of condition no 2 on P/00828/13 to allow amendments to approved design of unit of holiday accommodation


Application No: P/00191/19 Alt Ref: TCP/17592/A
Location: 59 St. Marys Road, Cowes, Isle Of Wight, PO317ST
Proposal: Demolition of single storey rear extension; proposed single storey rear extension


Application No: P/00203/19 Alt Ref: LDC/19364/F
Location: Apse New Barn Farm, New Barn Lane, Shanklin, Isle of Wight, PO37
Proposal: Lawful Development Certificate for continued use of 1 and 2 The Stables as dwellings

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Newport (including Carisbrooke)

Application No: P/00175/19 Alt Ref: TCP/02120/F
Parish(es): Newport & Carisbrooke Ward(s): Newport East
Location: 70 Long Lane, Newport, Isle Of Wight, PO302NQ
Proposal: Proposed two storey extension on front and side elevations; detached garage

Application No: P/00210/19 Alt Ref: TCP/33744
Location: 88 Medina Avenue, Newport, Isle Of Wight, PO301HG
Proposal: Demolition of garage and shed, proposed single storey side extension

Ryde (including Fishbourne, Havenstreet, Ashey, Nettlestone and Seaview)

Application No: P/00180/19 Alt Ref: TCP/24772/X
Location: Flat 9, 19a Pier View Court, St. Thomas Street, Ryde, Isle Of Wight, PO332DL
Proposal: Replacement of window with door to existing dormer and new roof light (corrected location)(readvertised application)

Application No: P/00181/19 Alt Ref: TCP/06475/M
Location: Suncourt, Playstreet Lane, Ryde, Isle Of Wight, PO333LJ
Proposal: Proposed first floor rear extension; alterations

Application No: P/00171/19 Alt Ref: TCP/15292/D
Location: Lower Flat, Westhill, Old Seaview Lane, Seaview, Isle Of Wight, PO345BJ
Proposal: Formation of vehicular access and hardstanding

Application No: P/00193/19 Alt Ref: TCP/31852/C
Location: Sunny Heights, Arnold Road, Ryde, Isle Of Wight, PO333RG
Proposal: Variation of condition 3 on P/01223/14 to allow alterations to decision and appearance of dwellings (plots 4,5 and 6) to include altered interior layouts, changed fenestration arrangement including additional dormer windows and rooflights on north and south elevation

Application No: P/00207/19 Alt Ref: TCP/33743
Location: 4 Pitt Street, Ryde, Isle Of Wight, PO333EB
Proposal: Proposed single storey side extension


Application No: P/00182/19 Alt Ref: TCP/33740
Location: 2 Yaverland Close, Sandown, Isle Of Wight, PO368QF
Proposal: Demolition of conservatory, store and garage; alterations; proposed single storey side extension; proposed porch and shed; cladding


Application No: P/00177/19 Alt Ref: TCP/05958/L
Location: Breezes, Main Road, Bouldnor, Yarmouth, Isle Of Wight, PO41 0UR
Proposal: Demolition of conservatory; proposed single storey rear extension


Application No: P/00169/19 Alt Ref: TCP/33741
Location: 66 Blythe Way, Shanklin, Isle Of Wight, PO377NL
Proposal: Remove existing boundary fence and hedge; proposed new boundary fence


Application No: P/00130/19 Alt Ref: TCP/33742
Location: 7 Farthings Way, Totland Bay, Isle Of Wight, PO390LD
Proposal: Demolition of existing dwelling and annexe; proposed dwelling and annexe


Application No: P/00204/19 Alt Ref: TCP/33581/A
Location: Little Maples, Maples Drive, Ventnor, Isle Of Wight, PO381NR
Proposal: Retention of conservatory

Application No: P/00201/19 Alt Ref: TCP/20511/C
Location: 59 Newport Road, Ventnor, Isle Of Wight, PO381BB
Proposal: Proposed two storey side extension to form a new dwelling; single storey rear extension for existing dwelling; alterations to vehicular access and provision of parking area

Application No: P/00205/19 Alt Ref: TCPL/16708/E
Location: Ventnor Antiques Centre, 66 High Street, Ventnor, Isle Of Wight, PO381LU
Proposal: Change of use from retail (A1) to tearoom (A3)

Application No: P/00206/19 Alt Ref: LBC/16708/D
Location: Ventnor Antiques Centre, 66 High Street, Ventnor, Isle Of Wight, PO381LU
Proposal: LBC for alterations in connection with change of use from retail (A1) to tearoom (A3)


Application No: P/00212/19 Alt Ref: TCP/20187/B
Location: 1 Yarborough Road, Wroxall, Ventnor, Isle Of Wight, PO383EA
Proposal: Demolition of garage; proposed new dwelling with associated access and parking

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