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This page contains details of planning applications submitted to the Isle of Wight Council for which the consultation period commences on or after the Friday of publication.


Application No: 19/00011/HOU
Location: Garden Cottage Hulverstone Newport Isle Of Wight PO30 4EH
Proposal: Demolition of side extension; alterations; proposed single storey side extensions (readvertised application)(revised site address)

Application No: 19/00053/FUL
Location: Isle Of Wight Pearl Military Road Brighstone Newport Isle Of Wight PO30 4DD
Proposal: Proposed terrace area with glass balustrade; alterations to fenestration on rear elevation

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Brading, St Helens and Bembridge

Application No: 19/00093/FUL
Location: 57 Foreland Road Bembridge Isle Of Wight PO35 5UA
Proposal: Demolition of existing dwelling; proposed dwelling

East Cowes

Application No: 19/00078/RVC
Location: Admirals Point 73 Cambridge Road East Cowes Isle Of Wight PO32 6AH
Proposal: Variation of conditions 3 & 4 on P/00803/12 to allow removal of maintenance only area on 3rd floor balcony


Application No: 19/00025/HOU
Location: Thornhill Castle Hill Cowes Isle Of Wight PO31 7QU
Proposal: Partial demolition of communal bike store; new replacement wall to bike store; extension to terrace at 1st floor level

Application No: 19/00075/HOU
Location: 2 Debourne Close Cowes Isle Of Wight PO31 7NW
Proposal: Proposed summerhouse

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Application No: 19/00087/FUL
Location: 32 Shore Road Gurnard Cowes Isle Of Wight PO31 8LD
Proposal: Demolition of dwelling; proposed replacement dwelling


Application No: 19/00003/HOU
Location: Ansbeck Southdown Road Freshwater Isle Of Wight PO40 9UA
Proposal: Proposed single storey side extension; conversion of loft to form bedroom to include dormer on rear elevation


Application No: P/00332/19 Alt Ref: TCP/33780
Location: 56 Newport Road Godshill, Ventnor Isle Of Wight PO38
Proposal: Proposed vehicular access and hardstanding

Niton and Whitwell

Application No: 19/00006/LBC
Location: 4 Brookside Cottages High Street Whitwell Ventnor Isle Of Wight PO38 2QG
Proposal: LBC for retention of replacement windows

Newport and Carisbrooke

Application No: P/00267/19 Alt Ref: LBC/33781
Location: Newport Harbour Walls Sea Street Newport Isle Of Wight PO30
Proposal: LBC for repair work to harbour walls to include cleaning, repainting, replacement of missing bricks and stones, grouting of voids and weep holes

Application No: 19/00064/ADV
Location: 1A Towngate Retail Park St James Street Newport Isle Of Wight PO30 5HF
Proposal: 2x internally illuminated fascia signs

Application No: 19/00067/FUL
Location: Newport Nursery Watergate Road Newport Isle Of Wight PO30 1YP
Proposal: Demolition of glasshouses/buildings; Proposed veterinary surgery, horticultural storage building, parking and landscaping (revised scheme)

Application No: 19/00091/OUT
Location: The Land School Lane Newport Isle Of Wight PO30 2HS
Proposal: Demolition of dwelling; outline for 5 dwellings and access road

Application No: 19/00096/FUL
Location: 38 Dodnor Lane Newport Isle Of Wight PO30 5XA
Proposal: Single storey rear extension to provide additional workshop floorspace

Ryde (including Fishbourne, Havenstreet, Ashey, Nettlestone and Seaview)

Application No: 19/00035/HOU
Location: Lis Na Mara Ashlake Farm Lane Wootton Ryde Isle Of Wight PO33 4LF
Proposal: Proposed single storey and two storey extensions; alterations to house and garage

Application No: 19/00048/HOU
Location: Bramley Firestone Copse Road Wootton Ryde Isle Of Wight PO33 4LQ
Proposal: Proposed conversion of garage to overspill/ carers accommodation (readvertised application)

Application No: 19/00070/HOU
Location: 32 Horestone Rise Nettlestone Seaview Isle Of Wight PO34 5DB
Proposal: Alterations & conversion of garage to living accommodation; proposed 1st floor extension

Application No: 19/00081/ARM
Location: Ryde House Ryde House Drive Ryde Isle Of Wight PO33 3FE
Proposal: Approval of reserved matters on P/00164/17 for design, scale and layout of 14 units

Application No: 19/00084/RVC
Location: Land Adjacent Ashlake Copse Ashlake Copse Road Wootton Isle Of Wight
Proposal: Variation of condition 2 on P/00513/15 to allow for additional bedroom & garage


Application No: 19/00066/HOU
Location: 5 Hill Street Sandown Isle Of Wight PO36 9DD
Proposal: Proposed first floor side window

Application No: 19/00100/HOU
Location: 2 Berry Hill Lake Sandown Isle Of Wight PO36 9JB
Proposal: Proposed single storey rear extension


Application No: 19/00079/RVC
Location: Land Off Atherley Park Way Shanklin Isle Of Wight
Proposal: Variation of conditions 2, 5, 9, 10, 11 and 12 on P/01247/14 to allow the as built parking, landscaping, access and visibility splays to be formalised to take account of reduced visibility in relation to 10mph speed limit

West Wight

Application No: 19/00045/HOU
Location: 20 Port La Salle Shalfleet Yarmouth Isle Of Wight PO41 0XD
Proposal: Proposed detached garage


Application No: 19/00085/HOU
Location: 159 High Street Wootton Ryde Isle Of Wight PO33 4LZ
Proposal: Proposed 1st floor extension & internal alterations


Application No: 19/00094/RVC
Location: Winstone Bungalow St Johns Road Wroxall Ventnor Isle Of Wight PO38 3AA
Proposal: Variation of conditions 2, 5, 6 _ 7 on P/01420/18 to allow alterations to access – visibility arrangements

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