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The Isle of Wight Ultimate Frisbee club ‘Wight Wild Cards’ have competed in their first ever UK Ultimate Regional qualifier.

Ultimate is a team sport played with a flying disc (frisbee) on pitches the same size as a football pitch. The game is played by 2 teams who attack enzones to score a point.

Last weekend the local ultimate team competed in Cranford, London along with a whole host of other Frisbee teams battling to secure a place at the UK-wide National tournament. They were more than ready and eager to bring their golf bags for discs with them to challenge the other team. For the Isle of Wight side it was their first regional tournament having only ever played in friendly tournaments beforehand.

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The 2-day tournament featuring around 8x 20 minute games saw the Wild Cards come up against tough opposition.

It ended up being a tough weekend for the Wild Cards having been seeded in a group with 3 former National level teams. Wild Cards went into the tournament seeded near the bottom but managed to defy odds securing a win in their final match of the tournament to stay off the bottom of the table.

The weekend became a chance to showcase how far the club had come and to mark the Isle of Wight’s position as a place for Ultimate Frisbee to expand.

Whilst qualification for a National tournament itself is still far away, the club were credited by tournament organisers for creating and developing a competitive level team without any former Ultimate history.

Captain Nick Belfitt has said:

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“A year ago when we founded the Club on the Island it was our goal to enter Regional Qualifiers. The fact we have and have a team that can compete and win games here is fantastic and achievement.

“For many of players it was a new experience and we have taken a lot away from this tournament on what we can improve. We want to continue to improve and build up and hope that next year we can return and progress further.

“Hopefully Islanders can see the fun we have as a team and want to get involved.”

During the Autumn and Winter months Ultimate Frisbee is mostly played in a sports hall. The Wight Wild Cards are based in Ryde and train every Sunday at Ryde Academy between 17:00 and 19:00.


Reading 1s (15)-(0) Wight Wild Cards
GFM 1s (13)-(1) Wight Wild Cards
Flump (15) – (4) Wight Wild Cards
Horsham (12)-(2) Wight Wild Cards

Sussex Y (9)-(3) Wight Wild Cards
Curve (9)-(7) Wight Wild Cards
GFM 2s (7)-(10) Wight Wild Cards

Finished 23/24 overall.

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