arretonbarnsThe community of Island crafts is growing at Arreton Barns with three new craftspeople locating to the site in recent months.

Plans are afoot to create more work and studio spaces in the second half of the year to further establish the Barns as a showcase for Isle of Wight arts and crafts, while a new website has also been produced to help promote these Island artisans at work.

The three newcomers are:

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Adrienne Wroath, a young silversmith who hand-makes a beautiful range of contemporary jewellery. Having moved from a home studio, Adrienne is now able to produce her stunning silver jewellery in front of visitors to the Barns and even managed to produce a bespoke piece in just three hours recently for a holidaymaker.

Lynnette Corin of Rainbow Kingdom brings the 2000 year old art of encaustic painting to Arreton. Meaning to ‘burn in’, encaustic art is fascinating to watch and the results are stunning. It involves melting coloured wax onto an iron and painting this onto treated paper which Lynnette demonstrates every day for visitors. Bring the children along and they can make their very own art too.

Mandy Cufflin of Cufflin’s Floral Creations specialises in floral decorations for any occasion. Mandy provides an on-site florist service that has a full bouquet selection alongside special handmade gifts for the home and garden.

After receiving many requests from local makers looking for new premises, owners of Arreton Barns, Andrew and Jane Gibbs started the process of developing additional units earlier this year.

Speaking about the new development, Jane Gibbs said: “We aim to offer a good working environment as well as an opportunity to sell hand-made products directly to the public. This is a popular visitor attraction and visitors love to watch these artists, craftsmen and women as they work. It’s been a pleasure to welcome these new crafts and we will be looking forward to providing more units later in the year.”

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Anyone interested in enquiring about opportunities to be based at Arreton Barns should contact Andrew and Jane to arrange an on-site meeting and talk about opportunities in more detail.

To contact Andrew and Jane Gibbs please email: [email protected].

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