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bembridgelifeboatalbstockBembridge RNLI launched at just before 12:30 yesterday afternoon (Thursday) at the request of Solent Coastguard to take an injured male RIB passenger from No Mans Land Fort to Portsmouth Camber.

The casualty had sustained a back injury while out on a RIB ride and had initially been lifted (in the RIB) onto the fort, situated off the Seaview coast.

The Frank and Anne Wilkinson All Weather Lifeboat (ALB) reached the fort by 12:40 and the casualty was placed in a lifeboat stretcher before being carried onboard by crew members. Two other passengers of the RIB also embarked.

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The ALB left for Portsmouth Camber at just after 13:00. Once the casualty had been transferred to an ambulance she returned to Bembridge boathouse by 14:25.

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