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Cadbury-heroes-chocolate-tub-660-gFollowing the success of Chloe Barnicoat’s amazing effort 2 years ago, the children of Bullen Village in Ryde have come together on a mission to deliver well-earned sweet treats to NHS staff this Christmas.

In 2019, 8-year-old Chloe asked friends, family and neighbours to donate chocolates to hand out to each department and ward at St Mary’s Hospital. She went on to collect over 100 tubs of chocolates and now, with the help of her sister and friends, she hopes to beat that record.

The ‘Heroes of Heroes’ fundraiser is to say thank you to the NHS for their amazing work throughout the pandemic – as well as achieving a ‘good’ CQC rating this year. Over the past few years, Chloe’s grandad, dad and step-dad have all been cared for by the team at St Mary’s, which is part of the reason behind the festive donation drive.

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Chloe, who is now 11, is being joined by her sister Katie Barnicoat (14), Mai Mackay (12) and Ruby Mackay (13) in trying to collect as many tubs of chocolate as possible to donate to St Mary’s this December.

Tubs of Heroes (or any tub of chocolates) can be dropped off at 6 Hornbeam Square or 3 Cothey Way in Ryde, the IMO Car Wash on Bullen Road in Ryde or at the EE store in Newport. Feel free to add your own personal message of thanks!

It’s hoped that the record of 101 tubs can be smashed this year and therefore extend the thanks to other emergency services across the Island.

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