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P1130321 (2)The man with the maracas, Mark Berry aka ‘Bez’ – possibly the world’s most famous non-musical musician – put on some performance at Strings in Newport on Friday night.

The media personality and member of the famous 80s rock band Happy Mondays may not sing or play an instrument, but he certainly knows how to get others to have a good time.

Bez’s visit to the Island was advertised as a DJ set. However, it was his fiancé and personal trainer Firouzeh Razavi who did all the deejaying, whilst Bez danced, drank and had his photo taken with members of the audience on stage.

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Island Echo spoke with Bez after his show. Firouzeh helped provide some coherent answers on his behalf.

Bez did not recall being on the Island before, however, Firouzeh reminded him that he had appeared at the Isle of Wight Festival a couple of times with Happy Mondays.

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When asked whether he had any message for the people of the Isle of Wight, Bez said:

“Everyone made me feel very welcome and right at home.”

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On being asked about his future plans, Bez said:

“I’m going to appear on Dancing on Ice in January. On 3rd September, I’m going to get married to Firouzeh.”

Strings owner, Claydon Connor, pronounced the evening a success”. Claydon said:

“It was a great, fun-filled evening. Everyone enjoyed themselves and had a really fantastic time.”

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As our images show, the simple answer to the question as to what Bez does is: he shows others how to party. Thanks, Bez.

Bez was anxious for Island Echo to promote his fiancé’s heavy metal band, Control the Storm. Further information about the band can be found at www.control-the-storm.com.

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Smell the coffee
Smell the coffee
9 days ago

Expert in Maracas and Tambourine, how dare you say non-musical! Lol

Late 50s, but looks like he’s still got it!

Sir Digby Chicken Caesar
Sir Digby Chicken Caesar
7 days ago

Amazing how you can be so talentless and still be famous. What a world we live in!!!!


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