MOORMAN NinaFormer GP and Isle of Wight resident Dr Nina Moorman has been appointed by the NHS Trust Development Authority as a Non-Executive Director on the Board of Isle of Wight NHS Trust. 

Isle of Wight NHS Trust Chairman, Danny Fisher, said: “I am delighted to welcome Dr Nina Moorman to the Isle of Wight NHS Trust Board.    Her clinical knowledge and experience will bring important additional skills to the Board as we progress towards NHS Foundation Trust status.”

The Trust, the only fully integrated NHS service provider in England, has an overall budget of circa £160m per annum and employs circa 3,000 staff (2,700 head count).

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Dr Moorman, 66, is a recently retired GP and lives in St Helens. She was born and brought up on the Island and went to Sandown Grammar School (now Sandown Academy). She has had wide experience of the NHS, principally as a GP in Bristol and Somerset and most recently as an adviser with the National Clinical Assessment Service.

Dr Moorman has wide experience across the health service including as Chairman of Somerset Local Medical Committee (LMC), Medical Adviser to Gloucestershire Health Authority and on the Board of Bristol Teaching PCT. where she was Clinical Governance lead.   She has also worked for the Commission for Healthcare Improvement (CHI) and the Healthcare Commission (forerunners of the CQC (Care Quality Commission) and in this role, Dr Moorman was involved in five clinical governance reviews of PCTs and an investigation of an Ambulance Trust.

Dr Moorman said: “I am pleased to join the Board at an important point in the Trust’s journey to be an NHS  Foundation Trust. I hope that my clinical experience will enable me to make a significant contribution to the continuing success and improvement of healthcare services on the Isle of Wight.   Whilst I bring some clinical expertise to the Board along with the Medical and Nursing Directors it is important that Islanders support the major provider of health services on the Island by becoming Members.   It is through the Membership that the Trust will in future consult and listen to what Islanders want from their local services.”

The appointment is from 20th May 2013 to 19th May 2017 and has been made in accordance with the Commissioner for Public Appointments’ Code of Practice.   The position attracts remuneration of £6,096 per annum.

To find out more about the consultation or to join the Trust as a member visit

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