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Police and paramedics are attending a road traffic collision on Appleford Road on the outskirts of Chale this afternoon (Wednesday).

The incident has taken place on the main road between the villages of Chale and Rookley, between the junction of Appleford Lane and Leechmore Cross.

It’s unclear at this time how many vehicles have been involved in the incident, which occurred shortly before 15:45. However, it appears at least 2 cars have gone through a hedge and into a field. A third car has also possibly been involved in the crash.

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The Isle of Wight Ambulance Service has a paramedic crew and an operational commander on scene.

The road has been closed to motorists in both directions by Police. Traffic is diverting locally.

UPDATE @ 16:57 – Police have confirmed that 4 vehicles have been involved in this afternoon’s incident. It’s thought a Hyundai, a BMW convertible, a Ford Fiesta and 1 other car have been damaged.

Officers were alerted to the collision at 15:15.

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3 people have been injured and are being treated at the scene.

UPDATE @ 18:05 – Appleford Road has now re-opened to all traffic.

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I’ve no doubt they were going too fast on narrow roads and tailgating too. Idiots.

Nicola Pevreall

Actually an idiot over took on a blind bend and went head on into a car. So get your facts straight before you comment.

Last edited 1 month ago by Nicola Pevreall

Well I did actually. Must have been driving too fast to overtake on a bend, also at slow speed is a no-no, and secondly whoever overtook was the idiot. Also the overtaker must have been tailgating to even risk over taking on a bend. So maybe think before you reply too.

robert russell

No Mark. She did get her facts right. You said ‘THEy….’ not ‘him’


Must be something in the water!!


Revoke their driving licence’s and make them do a complete retest. at their own cost ! Plus fine them for driving without due care and attention..
Too many bad drivers on this Island. They cut blind corners, speeding way too much, jumping traffic lights.., amazed really that there are not many more bad accidents !

Nicola Pevreall

Why because one driver overtook on a blind bend they should all have to retest?


DOH!!!! because is dangerous. Hope you don’t drive.


Let’s face it, the island is a very dangerous place to drive, time the police did something radical, regular speed traps all over the island….


Too busy sorting the drug pushers need more police

Opinions Matter

Caz and Clare. I agree with both of you. Too many drugs, too many speeding cars and not enough Police. The Police cutbacks were courtesy of Mrs Theresa May, the then Prime Minister of England…… thanks for nothin’


It’s not down to the police, just slow down! That’s common sense!

Opinions Matter

But you’ve got to realise, not all drivers, especially young lads in their Ford Fiestas with loud exhausts don’t have any ‘common sense’. They have a blatant disregard for the rules of the road and use the roads as racetracks. If they want to end their lives prematurely, so be it but don’t F+++++g take any poor innocent drivers life. We need more Police officers, and quick because it’s getting worse.


Good example using the Fiesta there. My nephew’s in hospital with a fractured vertebrae after someone came round a blind bend on his side of the road, smashing up his grandmother’s brand new Fiesta.

The Truth

Will everyone just slow down and stop taking unnecessary risks! FFS!

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