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An Isle of Wight woman came to the aid of an elderly lady who found herself lost in the snow yesterday evening (Thursday).

Donna Henderson was walking in East Cowes at around 17:15 just as the rain started to turn to heavy snow. It’s in the town that Donna was stopped by an elderly lady who asked for directions to the River Thames. Although Donna initially corrected her and said “do you mean the River Medina?” and pointed her in the right direction, something didn’t quite sit right.

By now the wind was blowing strongly leading to blizzard-like conditions and visibility was poor, but Donna looked back to see the lady was not wearing a coat.

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The good Samaritan caught up with the lady and realised she was not only freezing cold and wet, but was still asking for directions to the River Thames. When asked if she was ok, the lady said she couldn’t find her house.

With her gut instincts proving right, Donna called Police on 101 to seek assistance fearing the elderly woman was suffering from dementia and was at risk.

After spending around 10 minutes on the phone answering questions, Police told Donna that an officer would be sent to her location. By 17:55 no one had arrived but Donna was able to flag down a passing Police car. The officer quickly dealt with the incident and took the 81-year-old lady to safety.

Donna has been praised by members of the Isle of Wight Breaking News group – which is run by Island Echo – for her perseverance and community-spirited approach.

Speaking about the incident, Donna has said:

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“Please, please be aware of the vulnerable folk around you. If it doesn’t seem right or doesn’t look ok it probably isn’t, so stop and ask.

“I dread to think what may of happened if she [the elderly lady] was left wondering around on her own”.

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